All About The Upcoming iPhone 4-inch And Its Round Up Rumors

According to some speculations, Apple will release the new iPhone with a 4-inch display size. There are two main reasons why many users still admire the iPhone with 4-inch display. The first reason is the size itself because for many it is the perfect size for an iPhone as you can use it with one hand and put it in your pocket. The second reason is that a 4-inch iPhone can complete the line up of the iPhone in terms of size and price. Besides the speculation above, many information from the internal sources and manufacturers shows the existence of its development.

The History Of iPhone Display Sizes

A Revolutionizing 3.5-inch

All About The Upcoming iPhone 4-inch And Its Round Up Rumors

The first iPhone came with a 3.5-inch with the best revolutionizing touch screen, mobile OS and the applications to optimize it. This is the smartphone that made PDA, which has a bigger display size, become powerless. It also made two giant smartphone companies – Blackberry and Nokia – felt threatened. These are Five iPhone versions which adopted 3.5-inch display: iPhone original, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S. This size was the standard for 4 years in a row.


Apple adopted a 4-inch size for iPhone 5 in 2012. It’s the first time for Apple to adopt this size for their iPhone display, and left the 3.5-inch that has been used since 2007. The main reason was the tighter competition in the smartphone market. Android phones – the biggest Apple’s rival – has adopted various display sizes, bigger than iPhone. The market seemed to love a bigger size display and that was one of the reasons many iPhone users switched to Android.

All About The Upcoming iPhone 4-inch And Its Round Up Rumors

So, Apple decided to adopt a bigger size for their iPhone display, 4-inch in a widescreen mode. Apple thought that this is the perfect size for a smartphone display and that it can be operated by one hand where the thumb can still reach the screen from top to the bottom. More than 4-inch will make the smartphone look like a small tablet. Moreover, the smartphone which can be operated by one hand is a legacy of Steve Jobs. He refused to enlarge iPhone display and said that it’s not the perfect size for a smartphone.

The market demands led to iPhone 5. But, with iPhone 5S in 2013 Apple once again had to change the size into a bigger one for the same reason.

2 Years After

All About The Upcoming iPhone 4-inch And Its Round Up Rumors

In 2014, they launched 2 iPhone series with a larger display: iPhone 6 (4.7-inch) and 6 Plus (5.5-inch). Both devices outsold the previous iPhones series on its initial period of sales. I must admit, these are the first iPhones that are not so easy to use with one hand. Our thumb cannot touch the top of the device with ease, especially for iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5-inch display size. However, Apple created the other solution through software, so that we can still use it with one hand. They introduced a reachability feature with which the iPhone display can be moved lower on a half screen so that you can easily operate with one hand.

Today’s iPhone Series

All About The Upcoming iPhone 4-inch And Its Round Up Rumors

Currently, Apple is still producing and selling the 3 iPhone versions in the U.S: iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 series, and iPhone 6S series. If the user wants to buy iPhone with 4-inch display, the option is the iPhone 5S with the old specification (2013). But, some users (including me) still dream about an iPhone 4-inch with the latest specification. It seems that Apple will make this dream come true. The upcoming iPhone 4-inch has been a long rumor since 2014.

Nostalgic Of iPhone 5C

At first, the rumor said that Apple was developing a successor of iPhone 5C. It’s an iPhone 4-inch version with a plastic case in various colors options. iPhone 5C was released in 2013 together with iPhone 5S and it replaced the discontinued iPhone 5.  iPhone 5c was as an iPhone version that failed in the market. Apple didn’t make the new version of 5C in the following year.

All About The Upcoming iPhone 4-inch And Its Round Up RumorsIn 2014 to 2015, there was a new rumor about Apple that said the company will release the new version of iPhone 5C, called iPhone 6c. According to the rumor, this iPhone will have the same design as iPhone 6 but it will have a 4-inch display size and it will available in various colors options. The famous leakster on Twitter said iPhone 6C will be introduced in September event 2015 together with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

“Sounds like iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and 6c will all arrive concurrently”

That didn’t happen because in that event Apple was only introduced the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

Nostalgic Of iPhone 5S

The next rumor was about the upcoming iPhone 4-inch as a successor of iPhone 5S. According to this rumor, the device would be named iPhone 5S II, an enhancement version of iPhone 5S. There were two different reports about the internal hardware that will be adopted by this iPhone 5S II, but these reports have the same information about its design. The device will have the same design as iPhone 5S than iPhone 6.

New Report: iPhone 4-Inch Will Be Named The iPhone 5SE

It seems that Apple wants to revive the famous iPhone 5S – the latest iPhone 4-inch – with a significant specification upgrade. iPhone 5S was the most innovative iPhone in the iPhone history. The innovations of this iPhone have become trends and were followed by the other smartphones, such as a dual-LED flash, fingerprint scanner (Touch ID), 64bit processor A7, and the gold color.

A Different Name

The rumor of the upcoming iPhone 4-inch keeps changing, especially regarding its name. Starting from iPhone 6C, iPhone 7C, iPhone 5s II, to iPhone 5SE, a name that reflects the upcoming iPhone 4-inch (iPhone 5S Enhancement edition).

But, recently, the new report said that Apple will name this upcoming iPhone 4-inch iPhone SE without the number 5. It’s kinda weird name for an iPhone.

The Similar Specification With iPhone 6

If Apple is going to sell this iPhone this year, they should make an iPhone with the performance equal to iPhone 6 or better, considering the buyers will also compare its performance not only the display size. There were two rumors about the specification of iPhone SE. The first one was based on the alleged prototype and not the final version. The second one said the main hardware specification of iPhone SE is:

  • A9 with 2GB of RAM
  • 12-megapixel iSight camera and 1.2-megapixel front facetime camera with Live Photos Support.
  • Barometer sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.2, VoLTE, and 802.11ac WiFi
  • NFC for apple pay

iPhone SE will adopt the latest A9 generation processor for a better performance than iPhone 6. The quality of iSight camera will also be equal to iPhone 6S that supports Photo Live and has the same resolution. The Facetime camera will only have 5MP same as iPhone 6. The addition of the barometer, NFC, and Bluetooth 4.2 will come to this new iPhone. The rest of its specification:

  •  1624mAh battery capacity
  •  4 color options: gold, rose gold, spay gray dan silver
  •  2 storage variants :16GB and 64GB

All these things have been adopted by iPhone 6S and nothing is new. This is important, so the iPhone SE will not canialize the iPhone 6S market. The latest technology and innovation will be adopted by iPhone 7, which is going to be introduced in September.

The Leaked Images

The first leaked image showed the design of iPhone SE similar with iPhone 5S, but with slightly curved display glass like iPhone 6. The information was not provided by the schematic or render images.

The next leaked image was a 3D render image from a case manufacturer. The image showed the design of iPhone 5S. The different thing is the sleep/wake button, which on this iPhone has been moved to the right side of the device, like iPhone 6. I think it’s to accommodate the NFC hardware on the top of the device to be used as the antenna for Apple Pay as on iPhone 6 and 6S. The thing missed out from this rendered image is the information about the slightly curved display glass like on iPhone 6. On that image, the glass display looks flat like iPhone 5S. It remains a mystery for us.

Moreover, the latest leaked image was a display assembly iPhone SE. This leaked image only shows the back part of the device, and make us wonder how the front side looks like?

The iPhone 5S Design?

Even though its leaked real video and photo shows the upcoming iPhone SE has the same design as iPhone 6 in a smaller size, the information didn’t attract the public so much. Perhaps it’s because they believed that these videos and photos were rendered.

Here Are The 3 iPhone SE Design Possibilities

We don’t know why Apple will likely choose an iPhone 5S design and not iPhone 6. Maybe because the design of iPhone 5S can reduce a production cost of a design and will not need the bigger R&D cost to modify it.

However, the iPhone SE in a 4-inch form of iPhone 6 looks thinner and more beautiful.

When And The Price?

Apple Press event will be held on March 21 and according to the rumor, Apple may introduce their upcoming iPhone 4-inch. If it’s true, it means this will be the first time for Apple to introduce iPhone in Q1 of the fiscal year after the launch of iPhone original.

Apple Officially Announces Event On March 2, Titled 'Let Us Loop You In'

What about the price? iPhone SE is predicted to be sold for $450 for 16GB, which is cheaper than the iPad Air 2 base model, and even cheaper than iPhone 5C that was sold $549 at that time.

Will It Succeed?

Who knows? But, one thing is certain, the iPhone SE will compete with the other new smartphones that have been introduced at MWC. Apple needs to make a good market strategy to gain the buyers. According to the analyst Ming Chi Kuo, with the price around $400 -$500, iPhone SE will be a success in the market. Its success will increase the iPhone 4-inch shipments up to 131% year-over-year to 37 million units in 2017 and the iPhone 5S price will be cut by  50%.

Am I Going To buy It?

I work a lot in front of MacBook Pro and I rarely use iPhone 5S for a serious work, such as to edit something or to type a long email, I feel more comfortable to work on such things on my laptop. I use iPhone 5S for the things, such as communication, and some social media apps. I am one of those who feel that iPhone 6 is too big and iPhone 5S with a 4-inch size is the perfect phone. If by next month, the “incarnation” of iPhone 5S with the best specification inside becomes available, I will love to buy it.

Are You Going To Buy It?