All about Kingdom Hearts 3 Demo and Possible Release Date

All about Kingdom Hearts 3 Demo and Possible Release Date

The Kingdom Hearts series has managed to capture a lot of people’s hearts when they play the game. Young and old, all can enjoy the adventure and light-hearted combat style between the protagonists and the bad guys. Today we will be giving you more details about the amount of time left before we can finally play the full version of Kingdom Hearts 3.

We will also discuss all the exciting pieces of lore, combat action and the storyline as a whole from the demo presentation of Kingdom Hearts 3. We would like to tell you that the game is so light-hearted and funny that you cannot stop yourself from playing. But you will have to read more to see why we say that.

Release date

Square Enix has not been kind enough as to tell fans when the game will be released. Despite this lack of information at this point, we believe that the big announcement will take place sometime next month and here is why. The director of the franchise, Tetsuya Nomura, has teased that he and his team will be going to reveal the release date for Kingdom Hearts 3 in the next couple of weeks. Why did they not tell it by now?

Well, because the game is in its last final stages of testing. Everything needs to work smoothly, and the team is focusing on fixing any possible issues that may appear. The game is mostly completed, but these small little details always matter for the fans. The team has already made up its mind on the date when the game will be announced, and they are hoping that nothing will appear out of the blue and delay their plans.

Next month is packed with different events that could all be the perfect occasion for the studio to reveal the game. The most likely candidate is E3, but that does not mean that there are no other platforms as well where Kingdom Hearts 3 could be released. On the 9th of June, we have the 2018 Kingdom Hearts orchestra tour. Last year this event was used to release a trailer for the game, so maybe this year it will be used again.

Square Enix also has a live stream planned for E3. We do not know the size of their event at E3, but we may see them drop the release date here as well. After all, here they would be able to release the information to a broad audience, reaching out to many fans.

The game’s setting

Since we talked about when Square Enix may make the big release date announcement, we would also like to talk about what we have seen during the first small demo version of the game that they released. We got to see two of the game’s world, and they are both tied in with Disney and Pixar, reference and characters wise. The first one is the Mount Olympus from Hercules whereas the second one is Andy’s room and the toy store Galaxy Toys which both come from Toy Story.

Mount Olympus

Olympus kicks off by letting us join forces with the Sora, Donald, and Goofy who must fight the evil Rock Titan. The Rock Titian is a character that we previously saw in Kingdom Hearts. The titan would throw rocks at the heroes while they scaled the mountain. Once they reached the top, the real battle between them began. Players were able to cast magic spells and team-up attacks to defeat the foe. When Sora performed one of his Attractions attacks, we knew that we reached the climax of the battle.

The attractions of the game are so vivid and beautifully constructed, reminding us of different theme park rides (such as the Mad Tea Party, the Big Thunder Mountain, and the Pirate Ship) that we couldn’t help ourselves from becoming a tad bit nostalgic.

Toy Story Universe

The Toy Story universe shocked us in the best way possible. Sora, Donald and Goofy team up again. They encounter Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Hamm the piggy bank and Rex the dinosaur. These two groups pair up, and they go to the Galaxy Toys store. Here Young Xehanort appears suddenly as he wants to bring the toys back to life to do his evil bidding. What is so spectacular about this universe is that the toys seem to fit right into this world and we do not for even one moment start to question why are they here, or why is Sora fighting with them.

The combat moves are masterfully designed. The design team did sneak in a couple of solid jokes. One of the funniest moments from the game’s preview is the moment when Rex the dinosaur is certain that Sora is not who he says he is and that he is another character named Yozora. He knows that character since it is from one of the games that he plays. At one point Rex says to Sora that “I’ve leveled you up to 47, but I still can’t beat Bahamut.” This remark got a couple of laughs from us, we’ll admit.

Buzz Lightyear also makes a funny remark at one point. He tells Sora that he is from a video game, somewhat breaking the barrier between the two separate world of Toy Story and the Kingdom Hearts game series. We believe that fans from all age groups will enjoy playing this game with its light-hearted jokes, masterfully crafted combat and the beautifully designed worlds.



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