AirPods Pro Lite Production Bottlenecks are Being Removed

Airpod Pro Lite

Apple’s plans for shipments of its products in 2020 are getting seriously impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak in China. While some products have been shifted out to Taiwanese contract manufacturers, others are being worked on. The launch of the AirPods Pro Lite is one product that was earlier reported to be delayed, but now fresh reports have emerged of vendors being added. A unit of the Taiwanese semiconductor major ASE Technology, USI, is tipped to be a new source for making the AirPods Pro Lite.

The Less Expensive Version of the Air Pod Pro

There are not many details available about the AirPods Pro Lite except that it will be targeted at the sections of the customers who would be looking for cheaper alternatives to the almost $250 AirPods Pro. Rumors say the company may retain the noise cancellation features of the AirPods Pro in the Lite version as well.

Apart from USI, the vendors associated with the AirPods Pro Lite production include AMKOR, JCET of China and Murata of Japan.

Air Pods Pro Lite

Information about Apple’s business activities are generally difficult to come by, and most rumors and leaks are via the supply chain sources. Based on that perspective, this piece of information on the AirPods Pro Lite production and introduction of a new vendor, etc., may be reliable.

Starting with the name of the product, there are a number of items you would want to know about any product coming out of Apple Inc. Apple does not directly deny or accept the rumors that float online.

As things stand, the general sense is that the Chinese authorities should be able to control the spread of the Coronavirus within a reasonable period, allowing the workers to return to the factories and resume production activities. If that happens, Apple’s plans for iPhone launches for this fall may not be seriously impacted.

However, none of these can be confirmed until you hear directly from Cupertino.

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