AirPods Pro Lite in the Pipeline? Rumors Claim Apple is Working on it

AirPods Pro Lite in the Pipeline? Rumors Claim Apple is Working on it

Has Apple also been bitten by the ‘Lite’ bug? You would think so if the latest rumors are to be believed. Apple is said to be developing a new product, ‘AirPods Pro Lite’ headphone. This is expected to be a low-cost alternative to the main AirPods Pro and may be low on some of the features as well. The ‘Lite’ version of regular devices has become a norm these days, highlighted by the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite recently.

Part of a Plan to Shift Some Products to Taiwan from China

The ongoing health issue in China has assumed serious proportions threatening the supply chain of Apple and possibly many other companies relying on that country for supplies. According to a report in DigiTimes, Apple is now planning to shift the production of its products like iPad, Apple Watch and iMac from China to Taiwan. In this list, the AirPods Pro Lite is also included. That is the genesis of this rumor of the cheaper airpod.

Airpod Pro Lite

Looking at the pricing, the AirPods Pro launched recently is priced at $249. That price is definitely higher than the regular AirPods and the one where the Wireless Charging Case is also provided as a bundle. The real answer to this may lay in the strategy adopted by Apple and conveyed publicly by CEO Cook that the AirPods and AirPods Pro need not be seen as the same products. The key element in the AirPods Pro is the noise cancellation feature. If someone is using these headsets in a relatively quiet ambiance, there may be no need for the noise cancellation feature. What if Apple is encouraging its customers to have both the AirPods and AirPods Pro for different applications?

As it happens with Apple all the time, there are even rumors floating around for a fairly long time now that the company is working on another high-end, over the ear, headset. There is no clarity if this is indeed true and if so, when it would be launched.

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