AirPods Pro Charging Case Leak Reveals New Design

AirPods Pro Charging Case Leak Reveals New Design

Apple has been very secretive about the next generation of AirPods which will, according to reports, be called the AirPods Pro. The current version of the AirPods, AirPods 2, was released on 20th March 2019 and improved on the previous version by adding a faster processing chip, wireless charging support, and more battery life.

The next version of AirPods was initially expected to release in 2020. However, based on recent leaks and reports, there is a possibility that the AirPods Pro will launch in 2019.

AirPods Pro Leaks and Rumors

The next version of AirPods is anticipated to be more advanced than any of the earlier models we have seen yet. This is why Apple is calling the next generation of earphones as the AirPods Pro instead of calling them AirPods 3.

Recently, images of the charging case of the AirPods Pro surfaced on the popular tech leaks website SlashLeaks. The new design was very different from the charging case that we have seen and liked in the AirPods and AirPods 2.

The page also says that the images are from a Chinese knockoff of the AirPods Pro. However, the design matches with that leaked from other sources. So, the original AirPods Pro charging case will be similar to the one featured in the images.

AirPods Pro Charging Case Leaked

The images of the AirPods Pro replica charging case reveal a wide design with less depth. The sockets that hold the AirPods are wide suggesting that the earbuds will be noticeably larger than what we’ve seen before. The bigger size will help with better noise isolation and if rumors are to be believed-noise cancellation.

AirPods Pro leaks

Apart from this leak, there have been other leaks surrounding the AirPods Pro charging case. An icon in the iOS 13.12 beta update depicted a new kind of AirPods, which had bigger earbuds. This design resembles that of the leaked charging case and this may be how the new AirPods Pro will look like.

The AirPods Pro is expected to bring a whole slew of upgrades to the existing AirPods with features like noise cancellation. There is no information yet regarding the release date of the upcoming AirPods Pro by Apple. However, due to the frequency of these leaks, we expect the AirPods Pro to be released soon.



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