After GTA Online and Red Dead, Social Casino Gaming is set to take over

With the epic response that Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest DLC Diamond Casino received worldwide, the social casino gaming genre has picked up pace globally. Soon, much sooner than you’d expect, the genre is all set to take over the gaming industry. For those of you who aren’t aware of the genre, Social casino gaming is a gaming genre within which players can gamble as they would at a casino in the real world, with fake (sometimes even real) currency on digital slot machines, card games, casino tables, fake digital horse races, etc.

Is the social Casino trend a good thing?

The Social Casino gaming genre is already popular with games like Slotomania sitting at No.5 top-grossing app on the Google Play Store with 50 million+ downloads. Even console/PC games like Bingo Blitz, Jackpot Party, etc. are raking in millions of dollars in revenue per day, which has led to the rise of social casino gaming in mainstream games like GTA Online and NBA 2K, which is alarming for many gamers, whereas exciting for some.

But one thing is undeniable, that big-time publishers like Take-Two (Rockstar Games’ parent company) are taking note of the growing craze for Social casino gaming. The first example of this is Rockstar’s title Red Dead Online, which lets players play Blackjack and Poker within itself. Once the feature did well, the whole thing snowballed, and lo and behold – we got Diamond Casino, Grand Theft Auto Online’s latest DLC (which reportedly brought in the most significant number of active players in a single day ever since GTA V’s launch in 2013.)

With Diamond Casino, the whole scene changed. Users can now bet money on casino games, horse races, slot machines, jackpots, arcade games, and take home millions in cash, or even grand prizes like the rarest car in GTA V universe. And by the looks of it all, it wouldn’t be very far-fetched to say that Social Casino gaming is here to stay. What’s more, it has even made its way into sports video games – all of the casino-style mechanics seen in the latest NBA 2K20 are proof. It’s being reported that players will be able to unlock player cards in the game on pachinko, slots, and a giant spinning wheel, by switching to the MyTeam mode.

What’s next for Social Casino gaming

With games like GTA Online, RDR, and NBA stepping into the arena, Social Casino gaming is only going go forward from here. One interesting factor here is that all of these games come under the umbrella of Take-Two, the giant publisher that owns both 2K Games and Rockstar. Last month, Take-Two’s CEO Strauss Zelnick gave an official statement saying Social casino is a big part of the interactive entertainment business, and that they will be venturing into it further after the success of Red Dead Online and GTA Online. What is your take on Social Casino gaming?

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