Affordable iPhone 9 and Face ID for new iPads

Today we will be talking about the recent news concerning Apple’s latest products that are currently in the works. We will be focusing our attention on a couple of recent leaks that will offer you a new set of information regarding these two devices. Before we get started, we would like to mention the fact that this information comes from a well-known Apple analyst who has given us reliable and real information in the past as well. By now, we pretty much trust everything that he offers us regarding new devices since the information will always check out. We are of course talking about Ming-Chi Kuo.

In a new research note, he has comprised a set of information about the latest iPhones, info on new iPads and some things about Apple Watches as well.

Face ID Innovation for iPhone 9

Through this note, we found out the fact that the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will have a lot of the features that iPhone X had and that it will have a significantly smaller price tag. We are talking about a sum that gravitates around 600 or 700 dollars, which is substantially smaller than previous estimates, pointing towards a very affordable smartphone. This might make analysts believe the fact that this model will become one of the best-selling ones that Apple has released thus far. This iPhone model is said to be titled iPhone 9, but there is still some speculation surrounding this idea.

He also added that this year’s line up of smartphones would probably have similar features to preexisting ones, but we will also get to see some innovations. However, Kuo states that more news on design will have to wait until at least September for things to become clear as day. Yes, most of the information that he talks about is not necessarily new, but it confirms preexisting rumors since the man is a reliable source.

iPads news

If what you heard about the new iPhone has made you excited, then just you wait until you hear what this research note from Kuo states about the iPads. For one, he is arguing that new models set to be released this year (among which we can count the iPad Pro 3) are going to come with Face ID.

Last but not least, the note also mentions the fact that Apple Watch 4 is going to come with a bigger screen.

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