Advantages And Disadvantages Of Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the high end phone from Samsung’s flagship series of smartphones. There are numerous improvements that come with each new version launched. Now the Galaxy S5 is out there. The phone has a 2.5 GHz octa-core processor and is supported by a 2 GB of RAM. The device also has a big 5.1 inches screen and can be considered min the category of phablets. Now since the launch of the phone many people might be wondering if it would be wise to upgrade their smartphone to the new Galaxy S5. To make the decision easier we have listed down the advantages and disadvantages of Galaxy S5.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Galaxy S5

Advantages of galaxy S5

  • Water and Dust Proof– The device claims to be a dust and water proof device. It is also IP676 certified which means that the phone can withstand a water submersion of up to 3 feet for 30 minutes. This feature was not there in the earlier Galaxy phones. Advantages and disadvantages of Galaxy S5
  • Powerful Battery– The battery of the device is another advantage of Galaxy S5. The device has a battery with a capacity of 288 mAh. The phone’s battery is provided for more than a day’s usage to an average user. The device has a battery saving mode which can extend the life of the battery to longer durations when needed. Also another advantage is that the battery is removable, a feature that is becoming a rarity in present day smartphones.
  • Health and fitness features– The device has a heart rate monitor which is attached with the LED flash at the back. This works with the Samsung’s S-Health application and helps the device users to check and monitor their health and track fitness goals. This also lets the users integrate the Samsung Gear Fit with the device. So this feature might be one of the advantages of Galaxy S5.
  • Extendable Storage– Galaxy S5 offers extendable storage apart from its internal memory of 16 GB. The device storage can be easily extended up to 128 GB using a micro SD card. This is an advantage of Galaxy S5 as not all devices are offering extendable storage these days.
  • Processor– The processor that the device has is a 2.5 GHz quad core processor with a 2GB of RAM. This is able to handle any game or app out there. So the hardware is really great but the average user won’t be needing this much of processing capacity and this just adds to the price of the device. This is not really a disadvantage of Galaxy S5 as having the power in your hands is always good.

Now let’s have a look at the disadvantages of Galaxy S5 after having looked at the advantages of Galaxy S5.


Disadvantages of Galaxy S5

  • Slow Camera– Even though Samsung Galaxy S5 has quite decent hardware for the camera function but the camera is really slow in taking up pictures. It takes a lot of time in opening up, processing and then finally capturing the image. Also there is no optical image Stabilization. This puts the phone a little behind in the race with its competitors. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Galaxy S5
  • Design– The design of the phone is not much difference from its earlier version. Now this can come as a big disadvantage of Galaxy S5 to may users as people expect a fresh design from their new device. Samsung should start thinking about changing the design of its phones as all the devices just look the same. If you were a Galaxy S4 user earlier then you would not feel much new about the design and this might come in way of you purchasing the device.
  • Price– The price of the device is definitely a turn off for many users. The device is one of the costliest out there and is way above its competitors such as Xperia Z3. The company might be able to justify the price with all these added features over its previous counterpart but the truth is that the device is really overpriced. The device even has a low quality material and you don’t get the quality that you are paying for and Samsung could have done better here.
  • Software– The Samsung galaxy S5 is offering an upgraded Android version in KitKat but still the software and the user interface is not much improved from the previous Galaxy S4. The software is not at all good at handling multiple apps and also the operating system acquires a large part of the internal storage. The user interface might look appealing to the eye but in reality it is not much improved from its previous state.

So this is the list of advantages and disadvantages of Galaxy S5. We hope that this has helped you in making up your mind regarding buying or not buying the device.

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