Advantages And Disadvantages Of 5G

As the 5G network has been quite different from the 4G network regardless of the speed, latency, capacity it

As the 5G network has been quite different from the 4G network regardless of the speed, latency, capacity it is known that it has many advantages. With advantages, there always come some disadvantages as well.

How good 5G network is, and to know more about the advantages and disadvantages of 5G, keep reading the following. There is a lot of details that we don’t know yet, but some of the main characteristics we are familiar with, and now we will say something about them.

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As we already know, the 5G network is going to provide us many benefits regarding the speed, latency, capacity, as well as the option of “Network Slicing”. This is the option to create the kind of subnetwork that is adjusted to a certain specific need.

This option provides some special characteristics and connection to its users. It can help the users to avoid any problems in the 5G network, so they don’t affect them and there is also a lower possibility of destroying their work caused by overloads of the 5G network.

When it comes to capacity, the 5G allows more users to be connected to the internet, and yet the internet connection stays fast and stable during the usage of many users. So, in practice, when you are on the crowded sports event and want to share a live video on social media, you will be able to do so without experiencing slow internet or interrupting the connection. As you share the videos, many other people in the same place will be able to do so or have a video call of high-quality and without interruptions. This means that no one will bother anyone else in using their devices, and everyone will have a good internet connection.

Talking about latency, 5G tends to lead it to a zero, so at the moment you send some content to your friend, at the same moment your friend’s device will register to receive the content. Lower latency will allow people to have many benefits such as saving lives on the other side of the planet. In practice, this means that the doctor will remotely control instruments during the operation and this low latency will allow doing the procedure steps at the moment. This impacts some other fields, such as industry or transport.

Talking about speed, the 5G network will allow 20 Gigabits per second. With speed like this, we will be able to access all files, without any waiting, and downloading the movies for just a couple of seconds will be possible too. Also, the Cloud system would be activated so the devices don’t have to depends on their internal memory anymore. There will be no need for saving the data anymore because all of this will be done on the Cloud.


Although the 5G network will provide us many benefits, there are some less bright sides of this network. It will have an impact on people’s lives if we consider the fact that many devices, we own right now cannot support this network. This means that almost every device needs to be replaced, but the new devices will cost much. This will lead to spending more money, and not everyone can afford it.

Also, many parts of the world, as the poor ones, will not be able to become a part of this project and without them as part of the project, the 5G network will show its benefits only to a certain country.

There is also some stuff to be handled, such as privacy and security due to the fact this field is was not solved yet.

Some problems appeared about transmitting the high-frequency airwaves that this network uses. They cannot travel through the hard surfaces and cells have to be installed all over the places with 5G network to allow using it without interruptions.

Many people have concerns about the relationship between frequencies and radiation they emit. They are afraid that it can cause diseases, but none of these suspicions are proven yet. The downsides can be overlooked with such a development of technology that rises day after day.

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