Adobe Website Confusing – Users Find it Hard to Get the Right Flash Offline Installer

Adobe Website Confusing – Users Find it Hard to Get the Right Flash Offline Installer

If you’ve tried to get an offline installer for a specific version of Adobe Flash Player lately then you probably know how difficult it is to pull it off. It’s not that the installers are guarded by encryptions or anything, it’s just that the website itself is very confusing and very hard to navigate.

Users often times lose their way when searching for a simple installer or just want to ask a question. In a recent attempt of getting a hold of version of Adobe Flash Player, a user posted on the Adobe official forums for help. The plea for help was pretty straight forward, with the user requesting help in finding the specific installer that they needed. They specified that they were using an older version of the Windows operating system, namely Windows 7, which probably explains why a specific version of the Flash software was needed as it was probably the last one available for that OS.

The users going by the name Elena was met promptly with a response although the response itself wasn’t exactly what they probably wanted. To be more specific, a member of Adobe’s support staff came in to help the user but instead of providing direct or concrete information they simply requested that the user told them whether the Flash installer was for personal use or office/company distribution.

If it were the latter, the users would have needed a special approval for company distribution of the software. A form needed to be filled out and the whole process could take up to 3 business days, according to the Adobe support staff member. More users rolled in with the same request later on, but the same question was addressed to them regarding the nature of the request.

Here’s what the staff member had to say about installers and how personal use and company ones were different:

“Distribution within an organization requires a distribution license, which is free for most use cases.  To request a distribution license, please go to Adobe Flash Player Distribution | Adobe.  Complete and submit the form.  You will receive an email, usually fairly quickly, but can take up to 2-3 business days, with the link to the distribution page to download the installers (EXE and MSI) for distribution within your organization.  The email will come from and has a PDF attachment.  Please ensure that your organization’s email server does not block the email.

For personal use, the offline installers are posted at the bottom of the following help pages, in the ‘Still having problems’ section:

  • Mac:Installation problems | Flash Player | Mac
  • Windows:Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows 7 and earlier”



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