Adobe Releases Update to Fix Lightroom’s Subpar Performance

Among many other products, Adobe is also known for providing quality image editing software. But when we say that, it’s always implied that we’re referring Photoshop, not Lightroom, and there’s a good and simple reason for that: Adobe Lightroom performs poorly even on the best of computers.

While this has been true for most of its existence, Adobe has finally decided to improve Lightroom as well, so the new version that has just been released tackles some of the most obvious flaws in Lightroom. There are a lot of things that remained unchanged, but we will not focus on them in this article because we expect them to be tackled by future updates. In the meantime, let’s see what Adobe Lightroom 2015.12 changed for the better.

Adjustment Brushes

Judging by the user reports that started pouring in after Adobe Lightroom 2015.12 was released, the program’s adjustment brushes have registered a notable increase in speed and overall smoothness and effectiveness in use. If you’ve ever used Lightroom before, then you know how laggy its brushes used to be. We’re glad to say that’s all better now. While there is still room for improvement with some brushes, the spot removal brush was the most drastically improved of them all.

Panning and Zooming

While preview rendering is still slow, there is a significant improvement when panning and zooming on various file types in Adobe Lightroom 2015.12. Again, if you’ve ever used Lightroom prior to this update, you will know that these two simple actions were a complete nightmare due to the program’s abysmal performance. But if Adobe wants Lightroom to be anywhere near good, it has to do better than this. So we’re waiting for even more updates, but our guess is that Adobe Lightroom won’t be enjoyable anytime soon.

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