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Why Adobe Phasing Out Flash Player Is Unfortunate

Adobe Flash Player is the symbol of an Internet era that has long since set. While Flash used to be the number one option for loading media for a full browsing experience and it managed to handle pretty well a variety of different videos, animations and other dynamic content, it’s no secret that it’s golden year are over. Adobe Flash Player is now a buggy and obsolete mess, not to mention that it constantly poses an actual security threat for its users. All in all, Adobe Flash Player is no longer worth it.

The first person to make the right call and refuse to use the program was Steve Jobs, whose open letter on the topic made his stance on never using Flash on iOS and macOS pretty clear. However, most other tech companies that dealt with this side of the spectrum weren’t so quick to rebuke it. But now Adobe itself has made the decision to quietly and effective phase out Flash and all adjacent content, including ActionScript, by 2020.

While everyone saw this coming, the decision taken by Adobe is also a rather tragic and unfortunate one for most longtime Internet users. But why? Well, if you’ve been on the Web for a while now, you’re probably already nostalgic when thinking about the fact that, three short years from now, Adobe Flash Player will no longer exist. This is truly the end of an era, and we’re all both sad and happy about it.

But this unfolding of events is even more unfortunate for those of us that are familiar with ActionScript. After all, this coding language has been a staple of our portfolios for years, so the fact that it’s finally going away will render most of the things we know useless. But alas, one has to adapt.

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