Adobe Latest Security Update Comes With Fixes For All Vulnerabilities

Adobe has managed to fix a total of 21 security issues in the latest security update that it has released a few days ago. From the total security issues that were fixed, 14 of them were critical, so we suggest you to install the latest update as soon as possible.

We remind you that Adobe usually releases new security patches every second Tuesday of the month. Well, this month, Adobe has claimed that it has fixed bugs for many of its products, including Adobe Flash, Shockwave Player, Captivate, and Adobe Digital Editions.

As we’ve told you above, 14 of the fixes were considered critical and 9 of them are related to memory corruption (CVE-2017-3076, CVE-2017-3077, CVE-2017-3078, CVE-2017-3079, CVE-2017-3082) and “use-after-free” vulnerabilities (CVE-2017-3075, CVE-2017-3081, CVE-2017-3083, CVE-2017-3084) that were found in Adobe Flash. All the mentioned critical issues were able to allow a hacker to remote code execution.

These vulnerabilities were found in Windows, Linux, Mac and ChromeOS operating systems, meaning that if you use any of them you should update to the latest Adobe Flash Player version as soon as possible.

The developers have also found a memory corruption issue in Windows Adobe Shockwave, which could also allow hackers to remotely execute codes, so make sure that you update this application also.

Adobe Digital Editions version 4.5.5 on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows has also been included in this security update. The developers have found 4 memory corruption bugs, considered critical, which have been resolved (CVE-2017-3088, CVE-2017-3089, CVE-2017-3093, CVE-2017-3096). As you’ve probably already guessed, these vulnerabilities could allow a hacker to remotely execute code.

That’s not all, as Adobe Captivate version 8 and 9 along with the 2017 edition on Mac and Windows operating system had an Improper Input Validation problem (CVE-2017-3087), which could lead to information disclosure, but Adobe has managed to fix it.

Adobe is suggesting you to install the new security update immediately.

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