Adobe Flash Player Update To Address Security Vulnerabilities

Adobe Flash Player Update To Address Security Vulnerabilities

Understandably, people may have lost a bit of their trust in Adobe Flash Player, as it has become a nightmare for them in terms of security. This was due to the fact that Flash Player went into some issues of online hacks and malware attacks. Although vulnerabilities were already known, developers simply ignored them, leaving the app out in the open waiting to be exploited by anyone.

Fixing the Issues

Good thing Adobe has found ways to deal with such issues by fixing them. Even websites began to use several means of loading multimedia content to eliminate Flash Player. Accordingly, Adobe wouldn’t want that to happen, so they are continuously releasing fixes for everyone who encounter issues with Flash.

Security Updates

Just recently, Adobe released an essential security update to eliminate 7 vulnerabilities, classified as critical. Before this update, an attack will be made by injecting malicious code to run and take control of an infected system.

At the same time, it has fixed an error on Flash Player and earlier, which runs on Linux and Windows. Adobe Flash Player and earlier has also been fixed for Mac OS X. Browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, and Explorer 11 will also be safe from this vulnerability. However, users are advised to update Flash Player as soon as possible. The fixed version is, which will provide peace of mind for Flash Player users.

This update is also intended to fix 6 memory errors and a bug referred to as the use-after-free vulnerability. This bug would allow any remote code execution. Google’s Project Zero and the security researchers at Tencent KeenLab found these issues. However, errors found by external security researchers will no longer be paid for by Adobe, in contrast to companies like Microsoft and Google.

Update Adobe Flash To Its Latest Version

So, if you recently installed Adobe Flash Player to your system, it is important that you get a new version right away. This can be done via the built-in update function of Adobe. Microsoft and Google will likewise distribute the patch automatically to the users through their browsers. You can also download Flash Player directly from the Adobe Download Center.

You must also apply these updates if you use multiple browsers on your computer. You will be able to check each one if they are updated or not. Simply visit the official website of Adobe to learn more about the latest version of the app.

Here are options on how you can check if your version of Flash is updated or not.

  • Visit the official website: to get to know more about this app.
  • You can also check on the running content in Flash Player. Just right-click on the video playing and click on the About Adobe or Macromedia Flash Player.

By doing any of these options, you can learn more about the version of Adobe Flash Player you are using on your browser. Take note that although Adobe is quick in releasing the zero-day vulnerability, it is still among the most vulnerable software to date.

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