Adobe Flash Player Support Ending In 2020 – What Would We Use?

Adobe has finally made an official statement about what is going with its Flash Player. Well, it seems that HTML5 will start getting more and more popular in the following months, as Adobe has confirmed that it will stop supporting the Flash Player by the end of 2020.

Adobe admitted that HTML5 has matured over the past years and it is now providing the capabilities and functionalities of the Flash Player. In addition, the company will also encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to the new open formats (such as HTML5).

We have to agree that there are many businesses and industries that have been built around the Flash technology and this includes gaming, video, education etc. However, this step was necessary and Adobe knew that very well. Until the end of 2020, Adobe will recommend its partners and customers to put their migration plans into place.

That being said, the Adobe Flash Player will still function on major operating systems and browsers that currently support Flash content until the Flash Player will finally “die,” at the end of 2020. This means that the Flash Player will keep getting regular security patches, get new features or capabilities, etc.

Adobe has also added that it will actively participate in the advancement of the new web standards. In other words, it will keep contributing to the HTML5 standard, but also participate in the WebAssembly Community Group.

Well, it seems that what we’ve told you in the past few months is finally confirmed. Back then we’ve thought that the Adobe Flash Player will “die” before the end of 2018, but it seems that the company wants to keep it alive until the end of 2020. However, that’s a good thing, as the companies will have enough time to migrate to the HTML5.

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