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Is Adobe Flash Player Really Going to Lose to HTML5?

More and more users are now wondering when or if the Flash Player will finally lose the fight with HTML5. Well, it is not sure when this will happen, but we can assure you that the Flash Player will most likely “die” before the end of 2018.

However, there are some users from Reddit, such as cmaxim, who think that Flash Player will not die and, instead, Adobe will find a way to improve it and bring it to the right path. Unfortunately, we think that it is quite late for this to happen, as big companies have already started to switch to the HTML 5.

That being said, it is just a matter of time until most of the websites will switch from Flash Player to HTML5. Kmcg103 from Reddit says that he’s been working almost exclusively with Flash for about 10 years. He mentioned that the only markets he has seen for Flash are banner ads, kiosk pieces like lobbies and museums, and games. He added that there have been only a few ads in the last year and “the push is to switch over to HTML5.”

Currently, he creates about 50% ads for Flash and 50% ads for HTML5, but he enjoys working more with Flash because he has more experience with it. However, he also thinks that the Adobe Flash Player will probably die sometime next year.

Monkeyjay from the same social platform claims that he works at an e-learning place where all animations that he creates are made in Flash. “It’s far quicker than After Effects for me and it means that we can make animations for non-video environments (like crazy old company intranets). My projects are easily months or weeks long but I also don’t have to source them myself and I have instructional designers writing the content while I animate,” said Monkeyjay.

In other words, the Flash Player is still being used by many users, but due to the security issues, the companies will have to switch to HTML5 sooner or later. It is pointless to have an “easier” tool if it comes with many security issues that might allow hackers to gain control of the vulnerable computers.

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