Adobe Flash Player Proves Hard to Install – Frustrating Error Sparks Up talks

Adobe Flash Player Proves Hard to Install – Frustrating Error Sparks Up talks

Adobe’s Flash Player is no stranger to critique. The service behind it is more than two decades old and its security measures are a complete mess. It’s no accident that the majority of the online users has abandoned the service and is now using HTML5. However, Flash still has a dedicated user base that, even though considerably smaller, continues to use Adobe’s service.

Those who continue to install the latest updates however are finding it more and more difficult to do so. A new error has surfaced for some that are trying to install Adobe Flash Player from scratch. The error message says there is a connection error of some sort. Confused and frustrated in equal measure, users have gone to the Adobe forums to complain about this newfound problem. Here is how a user expressed their inconvenience:

“Downloaded Flash and ran install (after closing all browsers and potential flash usage). I get a connections error. After having checked all browser enabling as recommended on your Flash Player Help page and also having gone through all other suggested steps on the page and its links, including running uninstall, the Player still will not install with the same error message.”

Eventually, an Adobe staff member had come to sort things out and hopefully provide a solution for the error that the user in question was getting. The response wasn’t the one that most people were hoping for or expecting, as the staff member request a bunch of log files so that they may find any errors which were within said log files. None errors were found which makes the whole situation that more frustrating and mysterious. Here is the whole message posted by the Adobe staff member in regards to the aforementioned Connection Error message:


I’ll need to review the online installer log file to troubleshoot the error. Please review the FAQ Where do I find the Flash Player installation log on Windows? and provide the Adobe_ADM.log, Adobe_GDE.log and FlashInstall.log files listed. Upload the files to using the instructions at How to share a document and post the link to the uploaded files in your reply.

Thank you.


At the moment of writing, the issue has still not been resolved meaning that one and potentially many other Flash users are having a really hard time using this software. However, if they can’t even install Adobe Flash Player, they’re technically not Flash users, right? Hopefully a solution will be found in the near future, which can clarify the entire dilemma and help the users in question install Flash on their systems.

While this issue is one that promises to be fixed soon, it’s another stain on Adobe’s record regarding Flash Player. As we all know, Flash Player has been in the center of attention for a while and not for any positive reasons unfortunately.



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