Adobe Flash Player Patch Tuesday Brings Emergency Fix for Anti-Malware Flaw

Adobe Flash Player Patch Tuesday Brings Emergency Fix for Anti-Malware Flaw

Unfortunately, in this day and age, malicious third parties are always looking for new ways to tap into our systems and steal or precious personal data. Security threats are a real danger in today’s technologized world. Thankfully, the latest big one has just been averted.

Thanks to Microsoft’s hawk-like attention to any issues that might occur with its in-house operating system, Windows, another critical security flaw has been remedied. While today was the regularly scheduled “Patch Tuesday”, which occurs every 2nd Tuesday of the month, the fix was an emergency one. The security flaw in Microsoft’s Malware Protection Engine for Windows was discovered just last week by two diligent security researchers over at Google.

Microsoft’s Malware Protection engine contains Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Forefront and Windows Defender, a.k.a. your device’s last bastion of safety against malicious threats. The fact that such a malicious program managed to breach their layers of security was really bad news for worldwide Windows users. Hackers quickly learned how to exploit such a mundane security vulnerability in the programs, and tried to take advantage of it.

Fortunately for all of us, Microsoft was quick to help. As soon as Google researchers informed them of the flaw that could be easily exploited by malware, they jumped right on it to fix it and introduced the security fix for the malware threat in this Patch Tuesday. Kudos to them! It’s nice to say tech companies that always have their customers’ backs.

Besides the valuable Windows security fix we just discussed, Patch Tuesday also brought upon a new security fix for Adobe Flash Player. The new version of Flash promises to fix at least seven of their most dangerous security bugs, which is great news. Who knows, maybe Adobe will manage to wake up from the security nightmare it became in recent years.

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