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Adobe Flash Player Issues and Patches – How to Avoid Them

Lately, there have been various reports that Adobe Flash Player has been giving problems to many of its users because of the security holes found in it. More and more users have been affected by certain attacks and malware exploits. However, lots of people are still using it for playing games, streaming movies or browsing any kind of content.

How to Avoid Them

If you want to avoid these issues, you can only update the Flash version. You can get the official and the most recent version from the official website: Do not install it from pop-ups or other sources! If you are using Windows and browse the Web a lot, then you should apply the patch with the update several times. Meanwhile, for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer users, it is necessary to do so only once.

Chrome and Internet Explorer users can enjoy the fact that these browsers would update automatically their versions of Flash on every restart. However, the Chrome browser requires a restart for an automatic download of the latest version. Even so, keep in mind that some people might need to check manually for the updates and restart the browser in order to enjoy the latest version.

Security Fixes

Adobe has released lots of security fixes for many of their products, including Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Reader and the software packages for Acrobat. There were 47 security flaws existent in these products, so the best thing to do is to install all the updates. Needless to say, the most recent version of the Flash player also includes the fixes for the critical flaws.

An unprotected software can allow an attacker to take over the entire infected system. And there’s no exception to it, whether you are on Linux, Mac, Chrome OS or Windows.

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