Adobe Flash Player: Is It Safe To Have It Installed On Your Computer?

Adobe Flash Player is known as being a very popular tool that’s used by hackers to gain control of computers where it is installed on. This is the reason why many users are somehow afraid to keep it installed on their PCs.

In the past, the Flash Player had some real issues regarding its security, but for some reason, they keep appearing even if Adobe is releasing a new security patch every second Tuesday of the month. We have to agree that in the past months, the company has solved many of the issues that it has found in the Flash Player, but it seems that there are still some problems that need to be fixed.

Boringdude00 from Reddit claimed one year ago that there was a big vulnerability back then, which “required you to open an e-mail that was only sent to select high-ranking international diplomats to troll them.” However, it seems that this security issue has been patched immediately once the media has found out about it and when most of the news websites were writing about it.

We need to agree that Flash Player will never be 100% safe, but there are not very big chances for you to be a victim of an attack targeted via remote. For example, if you run an anti-malware/anti-virus program and set Flash permissions to only trusted websites, then you should be fine. You can also run a plugin such as NoScript or Flashblock, which will heavily reduce the chances for you to get targeted by a hacker via Flash Player.

So, until HTML5 will start being used by most companies, you will still need to use the Flash Player in order to see the ads and other content that’s hosted on most of the websites nowadays.

Do you have the Flash Player installed on your computer? Tell us your thoughts about this application!

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