Adobe Flash Player Going Further Down – New Windows 10 Update Disables Flash?

It’s been a pretty long time now since Adobe’s Flash Player hasn’t been the community favorite. In fact, its fall from grace was made official when Google decided to remove it from its Chrome browser where it was previously reigning as the default solution. Now, that role is filled by HTML which is considered not only the better one but also the safer one.

For those that aren’t aware, huge security problems with Flash made everyone drop the service and move to HTML. The process is still underway as it’s impossible to move everything instantly. While most websites are now offering an HTML experience, the core, top visited few websites of the world are still using Flash because they need more time to re-route such immense followings to HTML. Eventually however, HTML will be the only needed service.

After Google did it with Chrome, it would seem that Microsoft has also pulled the plug on ol’ Adobe Flash Player with the release of its newest update, the Creators Update. On the Adobe forums, users are asking whether or not Flash has been disabled on Windows 10 and if the new update is responsible. Here’s what users had to say about their experience with the recent Flash changes to Windows 10:

“In this update Microsoft changed the default behaviour of Flash as it moves to preferring HTML5 over Flash in Edge, and setting Flash as click-to-play by default.”

What this basically means is that Microsoft has changed the way its internet browser Edge uses Adobe Flash Player. While it has not been removed from the browser, it has been given a more secondary position as it is taking a seat on the bench in favor of HTML. However, despite it being benched so that HTML can become the principle service in use, Edge also allows users to turn on Flash manually for websites that use Flash or have Flash content. When such websites are visited, Edge will use HTML but will prompt the user visually with an icon in the browser bar. From that icon users will be able to change how Flash is used for that websites (which pretty much means turning it ON).

Despite HTML being undoubtedly the better variant here due to its considerably more reliable security but also due to its increased performance, it’s great that Microsoft has made it so those who want to use Flash still can do so without having to constantly go back and forth between which of the two is the default option.

Even though this options keeps Flash afloat, it is still one more step in the wrong direction as another major player has removed it as the default option. With Microsoft Edge no longer supporting Flash fully, there doesn’t seem to be much hope left for the once universally default service.

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