Adobe Flash Player Is Dying: Should You Still Install It?

Adobe Flash Player Is Dying: Should You Still Install It?

A few days ago, we talked about Adobe pulling the plug Flash Player on 2020. This didn’t really come as a surprise since everyone knew that the web client was on its way to retirement — the only question was when.

However, the announcement of Flash Player’s retirement date has left people with a lot of questions. Here’s one of them: “Is the Adobe Flash Player installation process still worth it?”

Yes and No

The answer depends on your situation. Remember: 2020 is still more than two years away. If you think you’ll need to access Flash-based content between now and 2020, by all means download and install Adobe Flash Player in your PC or laptop. Just make sure to keep it regularly updated and have a reliable anti-malware program that will protect your computer from zero-day exploits.

If you no longer use Flash-based content, there’s no need to install the web client. You’ve been getting along fine without it — don’t download Adobe Flash Player simply because you feel nostalgic! Don’t give in to FOMO, too. Believe us: you won’t miss out on a lot when you let go of Flash Player.

If you’ve decided to install Adobe Flash Player, make sure to get it from the official Adobe download page, which is It’s the safest way to get the web client without compromising your online safety and security.

What to Keep in Mind

On the surface, Adobe’s move to pull the plug on Flash Player might seem like the panacea to all our online security problems. Dead Adobe Flash Player = significantly fewer vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits = safer web. Right?

Well, not really. Yes, Flash Player does come with a large number of vulnerabilities, but internet security won’t magically become better when Adobe kills it. This comes from the fact that cybercriminals do not stop working. Once they can no longer do anything with Flash Player, they’ll move on to other things that will help them achieve their goals.

It’s also important to note that Adobe will simply stop distributing Flash Player and providing updates to it. The company won’t kill all of the Flash-based content found on the internet; aside from being a time-consuming task of epic proportions, Adobe doesn’t have the right to remove content from websites.

Only website owners and developers can do this, and not all of them are willing to put in the time, effort, and money to shift their sites’ content to HTML5. Because of this, it’s highly possible that many websites would be shut down. Even if they’d just leave the sites up as they are, not all users would be able to access the content since many web browsers now block Flash-based content and will obviously continue to do so in 2020 and beyond.

So what can you do about this? Well, if your favorite websites for schoolwork, entertainment, and productivity tools are highly reliant on Flash Player, it’s time to find alternative sites that use HTML5. This way, you won’t find yourself lost and confused by the time 2020 comes around. If you’re willing, you can contact the sites’ administrators and convince them to switch to HTML5 so you can still access and enjoy their content even when Adobe Flash Player dies.

Visit this page to read our initial article on the death of Adobe Flash Player.



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