Adobe Flash Player Continues to Be a Weak Link That Is Exploited by Malicious Coders

It is no secret that Adobe Flash Player is no longer considered the standard, and there have been found other alternatives that are more secure. However, we still have to stick with Flash for another two years, which means that it can still be found on numerous devices.

Sadly, Flash has become a vulnerability for many users, and cyber criminals managed to exploit it plenty of times. And it appears that they will continue to do that in the future. It is hard to stop them, and the best Adobe can do is to come up with solutions as soon as an issue is discovered.

Recent attacks

If we take a look at the most important cyber-attacks that happened this year, we will notice that Adobe Flash Player was usually the weak link. One good example is the BlackOasis, a group that managed to exploit many victims. Ultimately, Kaspersky Labs managed to discover the vulnerability and the team worked to Adobe until they released an update that fixed the issue.

Now, another big malware attack is targeting Eastern Europe, and it appears that once again coders took advantage of an Adobe Flash Player flaw. The attack is named Bad Rabbit and it is ransomware. This means that the files from the victim’s device are encrypted, and a sum of money needs to be paid in order to unlock the files.

Protect yourself

Since there have been plenty of attacks that used Flash Player, the best solution might be disabling it. Even Kaspersky Labs recommend the same solution in order to keep your device safe. Additionally, the Flash plug-in is not really that useful anymore, and every website that still uses will have to give it up until 2020.

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