Adobe Flash Player, Closer to Its Death

We have all been watching the Adobe Flash Player heading slowly, but steadily, towards its death. We’ve all been waiting it for quite a while, and now Adobe seems to have finally kiss it goodbye. The company is currently bringing Flash to the end. In 2020, they will stop distributing and also updating it.

If you’re still using Flash, don’t worry. There are several other solutions you can try. Some examples are the WebAssembly, Web GL and HTML5. According to Adobe, they will still be working with other tech companies to offer people stability and security after 2020. However, we shouldn’t expect more than this.

The Official Death

Adobe announced the death of this type of technology explaining that this step came naturally. As such, they needed to offer a format that would fulfill certain needs. Currently, there are newer technologies that take care of the needs, and Flash’s presence is no longer needed.

Facebook is also part of this change. The popular social media platform asked the game developers who are still using Flash to switch to HTML5. The network showed that even if 2020 is the final date for the death of Flash, browsers may start quitting it earlier. As such, any Flash content might encounter issued when played.

Browsers’ Strategy

One example is Google Chrome. They will make the Flash content click-to-play by the year 2018. According to Google, all browsers had to work with Adobe and with other publishers to make sure there is a smooth transition to a Flash-free web.

A Three-Year Plan

Microsoft has issued a detailed plan for dealing with Flash in the following 3 years. In 2017 and 2018, Microsoft Edge will ask users for permission to run Flash on sites the first time you access it. Then, it will ask each time you access it. It will be disabled by default in 2019 and finally, in 2020 will not run anymore.

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