Adobe Flash Player Causes Shutdown – Photoshop and MUSE Issues

Adobe Flash Player Causes Shutdown – Photoshop and MUSE Issues


Even if Flash Player is in a really bad spot at the moment, Adobe has a lot of other programs and services which generate them enough revenue but also enough popularity to keep the company as a whole afloat. However, while there are still many people that like Adobe’s services, there are some computers that don’t. Recent complaints regarding Adobe software have surfaced on the company’s official forums. In these complaints, users are describing how they went through multiple computers to no avail and how their screen either goes dark and into Power Saving mode or their computer shuts down entirely. Here is the original inquiry that was posted on the Adobe forums regarding this issue:

“I’ve used 2 different desktops now, having upgraded to a Dell XPS now which I was told was the best for graphic work.

Now I have also contacted DELL with the following problem with no resolve.

My computer shuts down after using and working on MUSE for a few dozen minutes. The computer will either shut down and ask me to go back and save my work before shutting down, or the screen will g dark with a power connection problem.

When screen goes dark only text and image that shows it a HDMI plug-in image and “Entering Power Saving Mode” test.

Has anyone had this issue, I’ve only found it an issue with Adobe programs (Photoshop and Muse with my old desktop, and now just MUSE with my new Dell).

Any idea will help, I’ve ran an Hardware testing, the good ol’ shut down unplug and restart, I’ve switched monitor cable.

Any help would help, thank you!”

The issue is rather serious because it can mean that people are making large investments in alternative hardware just to bypass this weird problem. That obviously translates to a lot of money lost but also a lot of time wasted. In this time, most users that work with Adobe’s programs would have completed tasks or partial tasks regarding their work, but because of the shutting down or loss of monitor signal problems, that’s not really an option.

As of the time of writing this article, the situation is still unresolved and users facing this predicament have received on guidance from the Adobe officials. While an immediate solution for the problem would be nice, none can deny that having a staff member inquire about the problem further would be a very nice start that they’d gladly take. Until more is revealed about what might cause this very weird problem, users affected by it should probably look for an alternative software to take its place for the time being.

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