Adobe Flash Player Available with New Patch Fixes

A few years ago Adobe Flash Player was a must have for your computer and your browsing experience. I can recall that in order to use YouTube we had to have Adobe Flash Player installed. And not only YouTube required it. In fact, all websites implemented in in order to have a smooth browsing experience. Now after all the problems, and after the recent attacks with malware, sites are starting to stop using it and turning back to the old and reliable HTML5.

Flash Player Updates Patch Things Up

Now Adobe is trying to repair their mess by releasing update after update. This is the case right now, when only after three days following an update, Adobe are releasing another update that fixed a lot of security flaws. This new update comes under build number

Of course this does not means that the guys from Adobe thought about everything. They focused on all the browsers on the market, except the unprotected and helpless Microsoft browsers, namely Internet Explorer for windows 8.1, which is still using version But Internet Explorer – ActiveX should use the new version while still using the version. Let’s not forget that Chrome has its own problems when speaking of Adobe Flash Player. Although the browser is reporting that all the updates are made, when you look a little bit closer you will see the in fact Flash Player is not using the latest upgrade.

Lets hope that Adobe Flash Player will step up its game and will make a strong come back soon, because it will be  shame to lose such a once beloved and must have program like Adobe Flash Player. Till then we will go back and rely on the old and trustworthy HTML5.

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