AddWash – The Washing Machine That Allows You To Add Clothes During The Wash Program

Samsung has announced the availability on the local market, of the new Samsung washing machine, WWW8500 AddWash, that allows adding clothes after it starts the wash cycle.

The AddWash washing machine has an additional door, which can be opened at any time of the washing cycle and allows the addition of other clothes or more detergent and softener.

According to a study made by Samsung in Europe, about 90% of users said that they forget to add something in a washing machine after the cycle has already begun. The secondary door, Add Door, is opened by pressing the pause button. The additional door is opened only when the drum has stopped rotating completely, and the temperature inside the machine is less than 50 degrees Celsius, in order to prevent household accidents.

Samsung’s AddWash can be controlled by a smartphone through an application available for Android and iOS operating systems. Thus, users can set the start of a new washing cycle even if they aren’t at home and can monitor it remotely. In addition, the washing machine sends various notifications on smartphones before the start of a new stage of wash cycle (rinsing, spinning).

Samsung AddWash is available in Samsung partner’s stores in white and stainless steel, with a washing capacity of 7 to 12 kg.

The company hasn’t announced the model’s price yet.

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