Add Google Maps Search Engine to Your Chrome Browser

Add Google Maps Search Engine to Your Chrome Browser

If you like traveling or if it’s part of your job, then Google Maps must be your search engine. There’s a very easy option to make it as a search engine inside your Chrome browser.

There are a couple of methods on doing so.

The first option is to look for a place on Google maps and the second one will also let you search for directions regarding home address and the location you want to get to.

These are also tricks which will make your search more effective and a lot faster.

The First Option: Location Search

After you’ve launched Chrome, head to ‘Settings’, choose ‘Search Engines’ and click on ‘Manage search engines’, choosing ‘add’. Name your search engine, add a keyword (‘maps’) and type the following URL: and then click ‘Add’.

When you want to use this option, you will have to type the keyword – ‘maps’ -, hit space bar and then type what you want to search, followed by pressing enter.

The Second Option: Look Up Directions

This second option is a lot more useful as it will also let you look up direction to a certain location. You will have to use a similar technique, but with a different URL.

Launch again Chrome and go through the same first steps until you reach the ‘Add’ option -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Search Engines’ -> ‘Manage search Engines’ -> ‘Add’. After that you must name your search engine ‘Directions’ and add a keyword such as ‘dir’ (you can name it however you want, as long as you don’t forget it). Set the URL to where instead of writing ‘ADDRESS’, you put your home address. Between the spaces in your address you must put the + symbol and separate the lines between street, city and so on with commas.



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