How To Add And Edit Contact Details In Gmail

Most of us thought that that will exchange email with the limited number of people, to friends and acquaintances back when we created the Gmail account. Over time, the number of your contacts will increase. You’ll add your co-workers, friends on social networks, etc. While you adding new contacts, you need to enter the correct information. Finding and contacting the right person will be much easier. This guide will show you how to add and edit contact details in Gmail.

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How To Add And Edit Contact Details In Gmail

If you don’t know how to add and update contact details, follow these instructions:

Click on “Gmail” button at the top left and select “Contacts”.

In the left panel, you will see several groups: “My contacts”, “Starred”, “Most Contacted”, “Other Contacts”, etc.

On the right, you can see a list of contacts. It is possible to add, view, edit, and delete the contacts.

If you want to add contacts, you need to do the following:

Press the red button on the left “New Contact” or “New group”. On the right the field will appear in which you must specify information about your new contact.

Click on “Add a name” and enter the correct name. Then enter the email address, phone, address, birthday and URL.

By clicking on “Add” button, you can bring to contact additional info as the nickname, notes, etc.

The info of contact during the creation of the contact will automatically be saved to the selected group, so you can edit it later.

How to edit a contact?

The contact information can change periodically. For example, someone changed the email address. Then the information should be updated.

Open a contact, and edit the desired information.

You should also clean your contact lists from irrelevant data from time to time.

If you want to delete the contact, put a check mark next to it, click on “More” button at the top and from the drop-down menu select “Delete contact”.

Establish the order in your contacts information and carefully fill in the details. By doing just a little at once, you will avoid a lot of work in the future.






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