A Wish-list for the iPhones 2019 – Too Late in the Day Maybe

There may only be a few days before Apple unveils its 2019 range of iPhones, which in all probability will be called the iPhone 11, rather than the iPhone XI. There have been countless rumors and guesses on what Apple will bring to the table in term of changes and improvements in this year’s iPhones over what have been seen in the iPhone X, iPhone X Max and iPhone XR. The general sense was that the company plans to keep the changes to the minimum since the 2020 iPhones are going to be totally revamped from different angles. That does not mean, however, that you cannot do some kite-flying and think ‘what-if’. Here are a few aspects Apple could devote its efforts to, in this year’s iPhones.

How About Rearranging the Physical Buttons?

A frequent issue users face with the device is that the power and volume rocker buttons are so close to each other that screenshots get captured by default without the user intending to take one. Can Apple come up with an alternate arrangement of these buttons that can put an end to this anomaly?

Why Not Add Reverse Charging Like the Other Brands?

Apple has already introduced wireless charging for the iPhones. What stops them from expanding this to include reverse charging as well, through the back panel? Other top brands like Samsung and others have brought this feature and Apple should find it quite easy to do this. The feature could help with charging the headphones and even the Apple Watch if you own one.

Add the Apple Pencil to the iPhones Too

This is an interesting suggestion. After all, the Apple Pencil is already working well with the iPads and the display sizes of iPhones are getting closer to the tablets. What is the harm in adding the Apple Pencil to the smartphones?

Some Basic Design Changes Suggested

As mentioned above, Apple is not expected to make many changes to the design and appearance of the iPhones this year except the square bump in the rear panel to house the cameras. However, since this is just a wish list, there’s really no harm in pointing to some desired outcomes.

For starters, Apple can try to remove the notch to make the display smooth and aesthetic. The iPhones can do with lot more attractive colors as well. If you want youngsters to buy in large numbers, throw in the red and yellow and pink and so on.

Maybe Apple may not include any of the above in the iPhones to be launched this September. Let’s wait to see how the launch event shapes up.

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