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A PRODUCT (RED) Version of Apple Watch 5 Spotted Briefly; May Launch in 2020

It appears that Apple is currently planning to launch a special edition Apple Watch 5, branded PRODUCT (RED) in 2020. The company has so far not released its Apple Watch under this banner though there are iPhones and iPod Touch devices in this range. The detection of the PRODUCT (RED) Apple Watch was by accident as the Apple database that had carried the image of this watch has since been removed from there. The report on this has been carried by WatchGeneration, a French publication. Now, the report itself has added a caveat saying the information could be just speculative in nature.

Contribution to a Social Cause

A part of the profits generated from the sales of PRODUCT(RED) range of products is shared with The Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. It is learned that Apple has already donated $220 million to this fund. Now, the PRODUCT(RED) Apple Watch 5 will join this list and the understanding is that up to a maximum of 50% of the profits from the sales of these red themed products will go towards this charity purpose. Apple has been doing this for as long as 13 years.

Apple Watch 5

The PRODUCT(RED) Apple Watch 5 may be released with the sport loop band in the same PRODUCT(RED) version. If this rumor is true, then one will have to wait to see how the red theme is taken beyond the strap. The color shade may be very similar to the iPad touch released as a PRODUCT(RED) variant under the same program.

Apart from Apple, there are other top international brands like Nike that release products in the same PRODUCT(RED) range and these companies too follow the same pattern of sharing the profits with the charitable fund.

If indeed there is this plan to release an Apple Watch 5 in the PRODUCT(RED) design, then the market would be keen to know when this device would be released. The most likely scenario is somewhere during the middle of 2020, May or June.

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