A Mod Turns San Francisco in The Sims 4 into a Dystopian Future

People who are into The Sims and the world that EA has created for them love the game’s setting. Sometimes, they also like to remake the game’s image into their own. It is fun to rebuild most of the pre-default things in the world, and it is also fun to replace the Sims of the games.

However, one of the gamers completely changed the setting of San Francisco in The Sims 4 and gave the game a Blade Runner type of effect. The new environment showcases a new San Francisco, which is dark and grimy. It is more like cyberpunk dystopian future of San Francisco.

Welcome the new San Myshuno: The neon-soaked cyberpunk place

Many gamers like the new San Myshuno of the critically acclaimed game, “The Sims 4”. Other players are allowed to visit the place as many times as they desire. The neighborhood also features a significant amount of public spaces where the Sims can relax and meet the other Sims. In the dystopian San Myshuno, the neighborhoods are the liveliest addition than other places.

Sims 4 Dystopian Future

The dystopian San Myshuno is run by an evil corporation called, OmniCorp, which is omnipresent. The corporation effectively eliminates middle-class people. In this city, the rich are more productive than King Solomon, and the poor are entitled to relocate to a new shantytown neighborhood. If Sims resides in San Myshuno and are subjected to an unfortunate part of the town, then it is a horrible thing.

OmniCorp is not the regular Sims-led Corporation. Instead, it is run by blood sucking vampires. The narrative of the dystopian San Myshuno is exceptionally intriguing. Moreover, OmniCorp’s CEO’s office gives the vibes of Twin Peak and this is quite bone chilling.

Stefan Gagne has created the dystopian future, and it also looks like he is a great fan of Scooby Doo as well. Gagne also built the Sims version of Mystery Inc comprising Shaggy, Fred, Daphne, and Velma, who also investigate OmniCorp’s wrongdoings.

Sims 4 San Myshuno

How do things work out in San Myshuno?

The creator of San Myshuno has put in a lot of imagination, which makes the narrative of the new game pleasant. The famous Arts District of San Francisco used to be a condescending museum. However, the Arts District of San Myshuno is a lot different. The evil OmniCorp has demolished the district. Furthermore, a new community has moved in, which tries to remake the district into a full-functional society.

Long story short, the place is the perfect re-imagined version of dystopian future where Sims struggle every day to survive.

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