A Merge Will Happen Between the Galaxy S Plus and Note Lines

Everybody is waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s launch, but as the date approaches, we hear some shocking news. A new report released these days, claims that Samsung is preparing a merger between its two flagship range of smartphones – the Galaxy S Plus and Galaxy Note series.

A Korean publication named The Bell was the first to make the announcement. According to them, Samsung’s Vice Chairman, Jay Lee, is the one planning to merge the two ranges. Of course, his reasons make a lot of sense, so we shouldn’t blame him for this. Finances are always an important factor in making business-related decisions.

The report also states that Chinese vendors have caused Samsung to lose a big part of its market share in terms of budget and devices from middle ranges. Meanwhile, people who bought flagship phones are complaining about the fact that prices are higher every time a new product from a line is released.

The future could bring us controversial updates

According to our sources, Samsung is expecting to sell many units of Galaxy Note 9 (12 million to be more exact). If we compare this number with provisions set for Note 8, we can see that they have increased the target with 1 million units.

From this, we can conclude that the Note 9 updates will not make much sense, so Samsung Note users won’t be so anxious to buy it. After analyzing all odds, Samsung concluded that it wouldn’t be productive to keep two similar products on the market at the same time.

Other reports state the opposite. It looks like Samsung is planning to launch three Galaxy S10 variants in 2019. As we know, so far they released only two. The reasoning behind this move could be that the mobile will have different display sizes, so they could postpone the new Note device later.

What would a merged device look like?

If the merge between Note and Galaxy S lines takes place, the result might be a larger version of S10 (approximately like S10+) with an attached S-Pen for replacing the Note. This move will mean a lot of economy for Samsung and thanks to it the company could focus its budget on the mid-range segment.

Until now, Samsung hasn’t made any official statement on the matter. Since the rumors aren’t confirmed, we are waiting to see if and when the speculated merge will happen.

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