A Leaked Display Assembly Image Of iPhone SE And The Latest Price Prediction

There is a new display assembly image allegedly for the upcoming iPhone 4-inch: iPhone SE. The image shows a flex cable and some different components as iPhone 5S, but it has the same display size. Moreover, the supporting 3D touch chip as we can find on iPhone 6S/6S Plus is not seen here. This is in accordance to the previous circulating rumor about ‘iPhone SE will not adopt 3D touch technology’.

Display Assembly of iPhone 5s

Display Assembly of iPhone 5s

Regarding the shape of glass display that will be adopted, nothing is clear yet. The previously leaked 3D render image showed the flat glass display while the rumor said it will have a slightly curved glass like the iPhone 6. Unfortunately, the latest circulating image doesn’t show the front side of the glass display. So, it still a mystery.

When it comes to the price, iPhone SE is believed will be charged around $400 and $500 in United State, as it’s predicted by Ming Chi Kuo. With that price, Apple can sell a lot of iPhone 4-inch units because when iPhone SE is launched they will cut iPhone 5S price up to 50%. Kuo estimates, the iPhone 4-inch shipments by 131% year-over-year to 37 million units in 2017.

The new rumor also mentioned the iSight camera resolution from 8-megapixel previously to 12-megapixel. Apple plans to hold their Apple event on March 15 (perhaps it will be postponed to March 21) to introduce some updates of their products, including the iPhone SE announcement.

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