A Fast Charger for iPhone XI – Extra Features Included

Apple’s iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iPhone 8 al three support fast charging but in order to benefit from that facility, you need to buy the charger on your own. With its future devices, Apple is finally considering including the fast chargers in the box along with the handset. So, iPhone 9, iPhone XI and iPhone XI Plus will all come accompanied by such a charger. This fast charger has been receiving excellent reviews from its users since it was launched.

It is not the first rumor that suggests how Apple might start sticking the fast chargers in the phones’ boxes but now, Macotokara, a recorded leak shared, confirms this with the information received by Apple’s suppliers. Before getting hyped about receiving a fast charger with your new iPhone 9 or however it will be called, listen to this.

Now, because the extra charges will be included in the box, probably 18W ones, they will stop selling them separately because the suppliers do not have enough capacity to make fast chargers both for marketing and for the actual phones. So however you try to fix the issue, neither of the ways are good enough for the public.

It is not the only option

To sum up, if you have an older iPhone and you want to gift it a new fast charger, or you were just hoping to buy an extra one in case the given charger breaks, we are sorry to disappoint you, but this will not be a possibility. However, maybe one of these other ways of sorting the problem out will help you decide to buy or not to buy.

Obviously, if you still want to buy a fast charger, you can purchase the old model, a 30W one if you have not already done that. Regarding its power, we do not have any information if it will be up to the 18W’s standards. So do not get ready for anything specific because you might get disappointed if you wait for the new 18W fast charger and end up finding out it is not a big difference between it and the older 30W one model.

No matter what option you will choose or how well you think either of the fast chargers will suit you, at least it is a way better alternative than the 5W charger which is currently put by Apple in the iPhone boxes.

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