A Critical Opportunity is Offered to Samsung through Galaxy Note 9’s Problems

A Critical Opportunity is Offered to Samsung through Galaxy Note 9’s Problems

We live in a time and age when, if a company decides to release a security update for a smartphone, then it shouldn’t be seen as a surprise. However, many people feel that Android is still lacking this capability when it comes to providing ongoing support compared to its rival, the iOS.

Google chose to address this situation by changing the structure of Android (besides offering the AndroidGo and AndroidOne options), but it can’t do all the work by itself. That’s why smartphone manufacturers have the important job of implementing and properly inform their users.

This is the time that Samsung chose to release a speedy rollout of its October Security Update to the Galaxy devices and this maneuver has been met with enthusiasm, showing that this kind of move should be promoted heavily by the South Korean tech giant. Also, it provides a chance to turn its more uninspired choices, like the problems which Galaxy Note 9 has with its camera and user interface, into veritable PR wins because it will allow them to release software updates to fix them.

During this last month, there have been a number of problems showed by and to the public regarding the Galaxy Note 9. To recap a little bit, the Note 9 had to weather through its camera software freezing and exhibiting lag and its keys, which are supposed to be based on Android’s software, becoming unresponsive. Luckily, these are not the only features included in Note 9, as it comes with a superb camera output, a smart design and so far it got critical acclaim from all over the world.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Issues

Now, Samsung can take on those software issues and show that it can really roll out changes to its smartphones, best of all, by doing it in a quick manner and easy for its users, updating with just one click. Google had released its update on the 3rd of October and Samsung already rolled out the changes three days later.

The renowned site SamMobile said that “the company will now soon be releasing a security maintenance release for supported devices. All major flagship models are part of its monthly update release cycle so they will get the October 2018 security patch. The upcoming security maintenance release includes patches from both Google and Samsung. There are fixes for a dozen critical vulnerabilities in the Android OS. Fixes for countless high and moderate-risk vulnerabilities are present as well”.

Samsung really needs to learn something from this and start applying the same speed to its software updates as well. Of course, this would mean that the South Korean company will need to acknowledge its problems but from what we gathered from the official support forums, this is something which the moderation team will be happy to do. When you release a new device to millions of people all around the globe, you are bound to come across some highlighted issues. This will require you to be pro-active and really open with your users, this being possible through releasing a solution which will bring more confidence to your platform and in your device.

The latest issue that the Galaxy Note 9 had to deal with was the fragility encountered by users who tried the S-Pen. The stylus is a key point which is meant to differentiate between Note 9 and the rest of the Galaxy devices, but also between Note 9 and the other phablets made by various manufacturers.

For this year’s iteration, the S-Pen comes with Bluetooth connectivity for the first time, which seemed like a great idea since it opened up the opportunity to control presentations, camera shutters or simply to interact better.

Unfortunately, it seemed too fragile for some users and Piunika Web stated that “it’s worth mentioning that there are also reports that say a non-fatal fall of the phone (like, on a carpeted floor) also resulted in broken S-Pen. For its part, Samsung has offered replacements in some cases, but – as the damage is physical – getting such approval hasn’t been a pleasant experience for affected users”. This came as yet another issue which Samsung looks to solve in the foreseeable future.

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