A Bigger Version of iPhone X Plus to be Available Soon

The estimated launch date for Apple’s new smartphones is not official yet, but rumors say that the event can happen somewhere in September. Until then, curious fans can’t stop wondering what the devices will look like. They keep digging into beta software hoping to find out more about design details and new features.

One of the specialists who managed to find a reference to an even larger iPhone X Plus model is Guilherme Rambo, the writer at 9to5 Mac. While combing through the iOS 12 beta 5 version, he found an icon which seems to be representing the image of a bigger iPhone X Plus, part of the new line which will be launched at the beginning of this year’s fall.

Images of the icon were shared by Rambo on Twitter. He presented them with the intention of drawing comparisons between the new smartphone models and the iPad. Specifically, he talked about iPhone X and iPhone X Plus when referring to updates of previous versions.

New features make great devices

The images were found in the PassKitUIFoundation. This is not the first time when the expected features and design of the future iPhone are revealed. Other information leaked recently when Apple accidentally included details about their new models in the iOS 12 beta version release.

If we were to trust the icons shared by Rambo, we will conclude that the iPhone X Plus is the bigger smartphone speculated so far. According to his tips, the new Plus device will be taller and slightly wider in comparison to the already existing iPhone X. As always, Apple is aiming for top-notch quality, so the device will most certainly keep its top position.

The breakthrough about the iPhone X Plus is not the only revelation we hear about these days. According to other leaked information based on shared icons, we could see a bezel-less iPad. Of course, we cannot take anything for granted, because nothing is confirmed yet.

We will have to wait and see which of the rumors are true. Also, Apple could make some official announcements about its next line of expensive hardware during the following period. They might use the opportunity to present the features of the more affordable iPhone which they are planning to release with the updated versions of X. They should hurry because fans are getting really anxious.

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