8 Most Useful Google Docs Tips

8 Most Useful Google Docs Tips

For almost half a century, Microsoft Word has been the true friend that helped teachers, students, employees, and many others when it came to writing documents. And no wonder, it was the most popular and useful writing tool back then.

But Google is one of the companies who knew where to explore, invest and in the end, harvest. The company has also a tendency to try to improve its products and it is also very competitive. One of Microsoft’s more “evolved” opponent is Google Docs. Google Docs has been in a race with Apple’s Pages as well.

Even though the competitor is a tough one, Google Docs is for now the best choice for people because it works on every platform and is pretty much user friendly. In case you want to explore a more “evolved” platform that wanted to take further the ol’ Microsoft Word’s features and purposes, then you should take a look at the following tips when using Google Docs because some of them might come in handy at tough times and you can never know when you might need them.

Email a document

Just access the File button and press “Email as attachment”, insert the email address and that is pretty much it.

Use a template

In case you have no time to design a suitable template, Google Docs offers a wide variety of such things. Simply check out the Google Docs’ template gallery.

Add a map

If you ever need to add maps to your document, just click on the Explore button from the Tools panel.

Edit an image

After you have inserted the image you want to edit, click on it and select Edit Image.

Translate a word

This is point we’ve reached with technology. Google Docs can also separately translate words from your document. In order to be able to enjoy this function you first have to download the Translate add-on.

Edit a document without using the internet

All your documents are saved and you can edit them even if you’re offline. All you have to is log into your Google account and everything is where and how you left them.

Go compact

Google Docs doesn’t discriminate the sizes of computers and laptops. It also offers a compact mode feature for those who operate with smaller screens.

Write documents in any language you want

In case you don’t need the present language, English, just select the one you want by clicking on File>Language. Easy as that!

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