7 Tested Ways To Build And Promote Successful Mobile Apps

Written by Shahid

7 Tested Ways To Build And Promote Successful Mobile Apps

Today having a mobile app of your own is an equally challenging and daunting task as it used to be with the website in late nineties. Having a responsive website is just not enough, as technology has seen a shift from traditional web to modern mobile era. These days, people are spending more time on Smartphone than on desktops (that even includes me).

Moreover, if you think that your job is over just by creating a decent Smartphone app, then you are badly mistaken, as the actual thing starts from here. It is always a great deal, to create something that people would actually be excited to download on their Smartphones. However, is it so easy?

Thousands of startups have faced a gruesome death just because their apps were not competitive enough to compete with a million others. App building is a lengthy process that not only requires technical abilities, but also a lot of patience in gauging the app at every single stage, and modifying it from time to time according to the business needs.

1# PLANNING the app even before starting off

  • Primarily decide on your app name. Remember, it has to be catchy and defining the app simultaneously.
  • Select the platform on which you want your app to be built: iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Symbian, or Cross Platform.
  • Choose your revenue model – Free, Premium, or Freemium.


2# Conduct a thorough ANALYSIS of your competitors

  • Check the quality of content present on your app. It has to be simple, meaningful, and interactive.
  • Your app should be absolutely handy and easy to use without any need of help or manual.
  • Navigational controls must be positioned well, and should divert users to the appropriate pages.
  • Pricing should be such that users should find your app providing value no matter what revenue model you choose.


3# Set up a WEBSITE to push your app forward

  • Build a website, or just a landing page, to let the world know in advance about your app.
  • You can use phrases like Coming Soon, Under Construction, Available Soon, etc. to give birth to anticipation in the minds of users.
  • Even you can go for a full-fledged website describing the app in details, accompanied by logo, screenshots, audio, video, features, and functionalities.


4# COMPREHEND your app yourself before anyone else does

  • Just have a walk through of the policies and agreements related to your app.
  • Ensure that the app has an exciting UI design delivering intellectual UX.
  • Check whether the app is compatible with platforms, versions, or updates.
  • Do not forget to integrate social media, so that your app gets widespread quickly.
  • Put call to action at relevant places that even include ratings and feedback.


5# TEST the app among internal and external users

  • Does the app have all the required features and functionalities?
  • Are there intuitive controls present to let users interact with the app easily?
  • Has the app been successful in deploying the expected performance?
  • Is there any scope of improvement in terms of UI/UX?
  • Is the app bug and error free, not to forget even crashes as well?


6# OPTIMIZE the app on store so that it can be easily searched by users and search engines

  • The title should contain the actual name of the app.
  • The description should have all the relevant searchable keywords.
  • The icon should display the app logo.
  • Select the right category where you want your app to be displayed.
  • Mention the actual size of the app.
  • Let your app screenshots enhance the overall page.


7# It is time now to ADVERTISE your app

  • Create app related videos as well as trailers, and spread it on YouTube, Vimeo, and other popular video sites.
  • Release images and infographics that tell a lot about the app. Distribute it all across the blogs, photo sharing, and other marketing sites.
  • Write blogs, articles, guest posts, and submit it to blog sites, article submission sites, guest-posting sites, for instant traffic.
  • Write down press releases announcing the news about the company, products, events, happenings, and more. Submit them to online PR sites.
  • Go for offline marketing like television, newspaper, indoor, and outdoor advertising to accelerate your marketing campaigns.


Technically, the sound does not fix up everything. Many parameters need to be taken into consideration, which even includes making it easier for consumers to use, with high simplicity, free of any complexities. Worried? Don’t be. I have listed all the steps above that if followed properly, will lead to an extremely successful app.



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