5 Ways To Fix Volume Buttons Not Working On IPhone 5s

If you notice the issue with your iPhone 5s volume buttons, there are several things you can try in order to fix them. Take a look at the 5 ways to fix volume buttons not working on iPhone 5s we prepared for you. Since those are the easy fixes, try them out, because these solutions helped many users to get rid of the problem. Hopefully, you will find them handy as well, and the volume buttons will work flawlessly.

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5 ways to fix volume buttons not working on iPhone 5s



  Solution No.1: Assistive touch.

You can try this: go to Settings, General, Accessibility. The thing you need to do is to turn on the Assistive touch. Once you do that, you will notice the icon on the screen, click on it, and tap on Device. The next thing you should do is tap on the volume up and down, for a couple of times. Close the dialog by tapping outside of it, and then try using the physical volume buttons. In most cases, this solves the problem, and the buttons will work.

  Solution No.2: Clean the charging port.

If the charging port of your device is dirty, it can have the impact on the volume buttons, so make sure to properly clean it until you remove all the dirt and dust. You can do it with a toothpick, but make sure to do it slowly, carefully and gently.

Solution No.3: Restart your device .

Press and hold the sleep/wake button. When you notice the slider, drag it to power off. To turn your phone back on, press and hold the same button. This is probably the simplest solution out of all 5 ways to fix volume buttons not working on iPhone 5s.

Solution No.4: Factory settings .

Backup your files, and then tap on Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content and Settings. Set up your iPhone 5s as a new device.

Solution No.5: iOS.

If there is a new version of iOS software available, download and install it. New software version solves the bugs, and improves the performance of your device.

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