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5 Ways To Fix Poor Battery Life On IPhone 4

When using your iPhone 4 daily, after a while, poor battery life may become an issue, which is actually expected. You discover many new things, many apps running in the background, and all that have the impact on the device. In some small number of cases, the only solution was changing the battery. For most users, there are some other, much simpler solutions which completely fixed the problem. If you have this problem, read the solutions we are suggesting, 5 ways to fix poor battery life on iPhone 4, and we are sure you will be simply amazed with the results.

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5 ways to fix poor battery life on iPhone 4


 Solution No.1: Change brightness level.

Changing the level of brightness is one of the 5 ways to fix poor battery life on iPhone 4. In order to do this: click on Settings, and choose Display & Brightness. Drag the slider to reduce the level of brightness.

 Solution No.2: Turn off Wi-Fi.

Let’s be honest. You don’t need Wi-Fi all the time. When you don’t use your phone, make sure to turn it off, because that way, your battery will last much longer than the usual.

 Solution No.3: Turn off location services.

A great way to improve the life of your battery is by turning off location services. Navigate to Settings, choose Privacy, and then tap on Location Services. Turn them off.

 Solution No.4: Turn off automatic updates.

This simple step can make a huge difference. Go to Settings, tap on iTunes & App Store, and find Automatic Downloads. Tap on it, and turn it off.

 Solution No.5: Drain your iPhone completely.

One of the best things you can do for the iPhone battery, is to completely drain it once per month, for example. Use your device until it is empty. Connect it to the charger, and leave it to fully charge.

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