5 Ways To Fix No Sound On IPhone 4

We know how much you love your iPhone 4, and how any bug may disturb you. We are trying to offer help for many issues on your way, and if you have the sound problem, we will try to help you out with it as well. This is something some users have experienced as well. Some of them solved the problem with the steps offered below, and others had to take their phone to the Apple Store. Try with the 5 ways to fix no sound on iPhone 4 first, and if that does not help, then you may go to Apple. The solutions we are offering are simple, and they may save you a lot of time.

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5 ways to fix no sound on iPhone 4



 Solution No.1: Turn off Bluetooth.

The simplest solution of all 5 ways to fix no sound on iPhone 4 is this one: go to Settings, and turn off Bluetooth. Check the sound again, because everything may be back to normal. This glitch with Bluetooth does not occur often, but it may be the reasons why you are experiencing sound issues.

 Solution No.2: Check the sound settings.

Navigate to Settings, and click on Sounds. You will see the slider for Ringer and Alerts, and make sure to drag it all the way up.

 Solution No.3: Reboot your iPhone 4.

Hold the lock button for a couple of seconds, and you will see “Slide to power off”. Drag the slider, and turn off your device. Turn it back on again.

 Solution No.4: Clean lighting connector and speaker.

To clean the lighting connector and the speaker of your device, you may use a clean brush. With gentle moves remove dust and dirt.

 Solution No.5: Reset all Settings.

To do this, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings. One the task is done, you should follow the given steps, and to set your iPhone 4 as a new device.

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