5 Ways To Fix ITunes Could Not Connect To IPhone 5s Device Timed Out

Most of the time, when you need to upgrade, or restore your device, or when you simply want to back up your files, you will do it with ease, and there will be no issues. Sometimes, when you try to connect your iPhone to iTunes, you may get this message: “iTunes could not connect to iPhone, because device timed out.” When that happens, you will have to delay the task you wanted to finish, in order to solve the problem. We have some suggestions, so make sure to read and try 5 ways to fix iTunes could not connect to iPhone 5s device timed out. We are almost certain that once you try these suggestions, the iTunes will normally connect with your iPhone 5s, and you will be able to continue with the task.

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5 ways to fix iTunes could not connect to iPhone 5s device timed out

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Source: paypal-gifts.com

 Solution No.1: Turn the iTunes software off, and turn it back on  .

Before you do this, disconnect your phone from the computer, turn the program off, and after a few seconds turn it back on again. We know it is simple, but sometimes, the simple fix is the most effective.

 Solution No.2: Update iTunes   .

If your iTunes software is not up to date, you may experience many different bugs. Open the program, and Check for Updates.

  Solution No.3: Delete “lockdown” folder   .

This folder is located in your computer, so go to search, type lockdown, and once you locate the folder, delete it.

 Solution No.4: Restart your iPhone 5s and your computer  .

This can help, but before you restart your phone, and your computer, disconnect the phone from the computer. To restart your iPhone, press and hold the sleep/wake button, and when slider appears, drag it, to turn off the phone. Turn it back on (press and hold the sleep/wake button).

 Solution No.5: Antivirus software  .

Check if there is a new version of Antivirus software available for download, and if there is, download it.


We hope you found these 5 ways to fix iTunes could not connect to iPhone 5s device timed out useful, and that everything works perfectly.


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