5 Ways To Fix IPhone Error 4013

Upgrading or restoring your iPhone is a process that usually goes smoothly. But, that is not always the case, because sometimes, the error may appear, and in order to finish the task successfully, the first thing you need to do is fix the error. Most of the errors during the upgrade can be solved with the same solutions, but we always tend to offer the solutions for each error separately. In this text, you can find 5 ways to fix iPhone error 4013, and we hope you will solve it successfully. One of the solutions will work, so you’ll be able to continue with restoring or upgrading.

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5 ways to fix iPhone error 4013



 Solution No.1: Update iTunes .

Before any update or restore, first thing you need to do is update the iTunes software if possible. If you forgot to do it, that might be the reason why you got error 4013. Open the program, and check for updates.

Solution No.2: Reinstall iTunes .

Since the iTunes software is crucial when you need to upgrade or restore, you should try reinstalling it. Remove the program from your computer, and download and install its latest version.

Solution No.3: Update your computer .

No matter if you are an OS X user, or Windows user, updates are crucial in both cases. Check for updates, and if necessary, restart your computer.

 Solution No.4: Choose another USB port .

This is very simple. Unplug the USB cable from the port, and choose another one instead.

  Solution No.5: Remover other devices from USB ports .

If you have other devices plugged into your computer via USB cable, unplug them. Leave only the necessary ones, such as your mouse and your keyboard.


These 5 ways to fix iPhone error 4013 are the usual solutions, all of them simple, but very efficient. If needed, try them all, and will hopefully find the one that works for you. If not, make sure to contact Apple support for further instructions.


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