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5 Ways To Fix IPhone 5 Overheating Problem

Like with any other device, people have different experiences with iPhone 5. For some, the phone works perfectly without any problems whatsoever, and the others do experience certain issues. One of them is the overheating problem. You can find out more about the problem and the solutions to solve it with 5 ways to fix iPhone 5 overheating problem. These solutions do not require too much of your time or effort, and most importantly, they are providing excellent results. Make sure to check them out.

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5 ways to fix iPhone 5 overheating problem


Solution No.1: Background app refresh

The apps you are using on your iPhone 5 can run in the background. It may cause the overheating problem, but it can also have the impact on your phone’s battery life. In order to change that, go to Settings, General, and tap on Background App Refresh. The easiest solution is to disable the option for all the apps, and in order to do so, just press the switch. You can disable this options for some apps only.


Solution No.2: Disabling sync for Safari

This was the fix which solved the problem for many. Go to Settings, tap on iCloud, and disable sync for Safari. After some period of time, you’ll notice the change, and hopefully, the overheating problem will be gone.


Solution No.3 : Update iOS

It is essential to download the latest version of iOS when it becomes available, because it brings bug fixes and improvements in various fields, thus, it will improve the perfomance of your device. Even though you might think that the overheating is a hardware problem, most of the time is software-related and it can be fixed with a new version of iOS. Here is what you need to do:

  • Connect your iPhone to a power source (the update can take some time and you don’t want the battery to drain in the process)
  • Connect your device to a WiFi network
  • Go to Settings > General > Software Update
  • Tap Download and Install


Solution No.4: An app is causing the problem

We all have so many third-party apps on our smartphones, and sometimes, an app is causing the overheating problem. If you noticed that your device is getting hot when you are using a specific app, force close that app (press the Home button twice, swipe left to find the app and once you find it, swipe up to close it), and restart your iPhone. If that does not solve the issue, open the App Store and see if there is an update for the app available. If nothing seems to work, delete the app and install it again.


Solution No.: 5: Erase all content and settings

A fresh start sounds amazing, right? Backup all the files you have on your device to iCloud. Navigate to Settings, General, Reset, and choose Erase all Content and Settings. Tap Erase iPhone to confirm your action. This will last for about a couple of minutes. Your iOS firmware will be untouched, and only your settings and content you have on your device will be erased. When the task is finished, set up your iPhone 5 as a new device.


When you start solving the problem with the listed 5 ways to fix iPhone 5 overheating problem, after each solution you try, wait a bit, to see if there is a change. Sometimes, the first solution may work, sometimes the last, just me patient, and the success is guaranteed.

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