5 Ways To Fix Instagram Freezing On IPad

There is no better or more creative way that to share your photos on Instagram. After all, it is one of the most popular apps for photo sharing, with many incredible filters and features. Using it on your iPad is a pure delight. Sometimes, the app may freeze completely, but you can do something about it. Just check out these 5 ways to fix Instagram freezing on iPad, and we are sure the app will work perfectly.

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 5 ways to fix Instagram freezing on iPad

 5 ways to fix Instagram freezing on iPad

5 ways to fix Instagram freezing on iPad

  Solution No.1: Restart Instagram   .

To do this, press on the Home button two times, and then you will see a preview of the apps you have been using lately. Swipe left, and find Instagram, then swipe up to close it. Go to the Home screen again, find the app, and launch it.

  Solution No.2: Update the app   .

This is probably the simplest of all 5 ways to fix Instagram freezing on iPad. Visit the App Store, and check for updates. If the app is not up to date, that may be the reason why the problem occurs.

  Solution No.3: Reinstall Instagram   .

Find the Instagram app on the Home screen, tap and hold it, and when an X shows up, click on it. Instagram will be deleted. Go to the App Store, find the app and download it.

  Solution No.4: Restart iPad   .

Another simple solution for sure, but extremely efficient. Press and hold the seep and home button until the Apple logo shows up.

  Solution No.5: Update iOS   .

You need to keep the iOS software up to date, because if you don’t, these kind of issues may occur. The easiest way to update iOS is wirelessly. Just connect the iPad to the power source and a Wi-Fi network. Tap on Settings, General, Software Update.


We are sure you can use Instagram now, because it works like a dream.

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