5 Ways To Fix Battery Percentage Not Showing On IPhone

Unquestionably, iPhones are among the most popular mobile devices in the world. Sometimes, no matter how great your phone works, you may stumble on some issue, and you will want to fix it desperately. Most of the time, issues are simple, and all you need is a bit of patience in order to solve it. Some people had the problem with the device which was not showing the battery percentage. The option itself is useful because you always know for how long the battery will last, and when the percentages are not shown, it may be quite frustrating. In the text you are about to read, there are 5 ways to fix battery percentage not showing on iPhone, and you will solve the problem.

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5 ways to fix battery percentage not showing on iPhone


Solution No.1: Check the settings

There is the option in Settings in which you can set battery percentage to on or off. Make sure it is set to ON, by going to Settings, tap on General, and Usage. Check Battery Percentage, and if it’s set to off, just move the slider to change it.


Solution No.2: Number of icons in the top bar

If you have several icons in the top bar, the battery percentage icon will be removed. As a solution, you can turn off several things such as a portrait orientation lock, location services, alarms, etc. Once you do that, the battery percentage icon will be in its usual place again.


Solution No.3: Close the apps and restart your device

Another solution is to press the Home button on your device twice and to close all the apps. When you do that, press and hold the sleep/wake button, and when the red slider shows up, turn your phone off. When the device boots up again, the battery percentage will hopefully be back.


Solution No.4: Update iOS

If there is a new iOS version, make sure to download and install it on your device. As you know, when you do this, certain issues are fixed, which may be the case with this one as well.


Solution No.5: Erasing content and settings

If previous options did not help, back up all your data to iCloud, and navigate to Settings, General, Reset, and choose Erase all Content and Settings. In several minutes, the task will be done, and your device will get a fresh start.


We hope these 5 ways to fix battery percentage not showing on iPhone solved the problem.

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