5 Ways To Fix IPhone Not Connected To ITunes Because Device Timed Out

Have you ever experience the kind of error that reports as ‘iPhone not connected to iTunes because device timed out’? This sure can cause a disturbance in the daily iPhone usage and may disturb you too.

The error similar to this also shows up as ‘iTunes network connection timed out’. Either it can be due to the poor network availability or there is some security program that is blocking the application. The following 5 ways can surely help you out.

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5 Ways Fo Fix IPhone Not connected To ITunes Because Device Timed Out

This is was one of the comment that a user left

I’m trying to connect my new iPhone to iTunes but it will not install the drivers. I get an error message saying cannot connect iTunes because the device timed out. However my iPhone is up and running.


 1 .Reset your network settings:.

Firstly try resetting your network settings. For this purpose simply go to the setting and approach the general settings menu. Now further tap the reset option and choose the ‘reset network settings’ option.

5 Ways to fix iPhone not connected to iTunes because device timed out

5 Ways to fix iPhone not connected to iTunes because device timed out

  2 Reset iPhone:.

This can be done in simple ways.

  • Make sure that you important data is backed up.
  • Hold the power button and home button simultaneously till the Apple logo screen appears.
  • Hence the iPhone has been reset. Try connecting to the iTunes again.
5 Ways to fix iPhone not connected to iTunes because device timed out

5 Ways to fix iPhone not connected to iTunes because device timed out

3.Delete contents of lockdown folder:.

If you are unable to backup you files or connect to the iTunes, resetting the lockdown folder may resolve the problem. For the mac/os you have to choose Go > Go to folder. Now type /var/db/lockdown and press Return. Choose the View as icons. Now in the Finder, select edit and select all. Choose file and then move it to trash.

For windows click the magnifying glass and type %ProgramData% and press Return. Now double click the Apple folder and choose the lockdown folder by right clicking and choose delete.

 4.Update iTunes:.

Make sure that the iPhone is being connected to the computer system with latest version of iTunes already installed. If the iTunes is not up-to-date, this may be the cause of the problems. You can check by clicking Help and ‘Check for Updates”.

5 Ways to fix iPhone not connected to iTunes because device timed out

5 Ways to fix iPhone not connected to iTunes because device timed out

 5.Disable software:.

This error may occur due to the security policy of computer security software. To check if that is the cause of the issue temporarily uninstall or deactivate the software. It might have compatibility issues with the iTunes. The program might be interfering with the iTunes and may not let the iPhone connect to the software. While doing this make sure that all files that are being uninstall or deactivated are re-installable to avoid to risk of your computer being exposed to the viruses.

These are all the ways to fix iPhone will not connect to iTunes issue


Tips. Check to see if your firewall is blocking Itunes ,

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