5 Ways To Fix IPhone 5 Headphone Error

On a perfectly fine day something wrong with your iPhone can ruin your mood. Have you ever had your iPhone  5  stuck in headphones mode even when the headphones have been disconnected? Solve the issue by reading 5 Ways to fix iPhone 5 Headphone Error below:

5 Ways to fix iPhone 5 Headphone Error

Majority of people consider this error as there is some hardware problem or something might have been broken inside the phone. These five following ways would work like a charm to fix the IPhone 5 Head Phone error.

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1: cotton swab and Audi Jack Method .

Most of the IPhone 5 headphone errors such as : “My IPhone suck in headPhone mode and preventing me to hear property and “My regular earphone is not working properly, i can’t hear anything. These are some of the common complains online.

Firstly you have to remove the IPhone 5 case. Further blow some air into the audio jack so that if there is some dust stuck in it shall be removed. Further get a cotton swab or something thin like that and clean the audio jack to discard any remaining dust particles. Now connect the headphones set again and assure that they are connected and you can hear the sound coming. Now remove them again and plug them in again. Do this about three to four times. This should solve the issue.

5 Ways to fix iPhone 5 Headphone Error
5 Ways to fix iPhone 5 Headphone Error



 2 Mute Mode and Wooden ToothPick Method .

If the previous method didn’t resolve the HeadPhone issue on the IPone 5 then this would help.

iPhone has a headphone sensor installed in the audio port that detects whether the headphones have been attached. Firstly check whether the ‘mute’ mode isn’t activated. If you see the orange indicator switch in the left side of the phone, ‘mute’ is activated. Insert the original headphones that came with the phone. Grasp the headphones plug strongly and pull it out and plug it in a couple of times.

Use a can of compressed air to clear any captured dust in the audio port. Gently scrape the dust or any particle with a wooden toothpick. The moisture sometimes gets trapped in the tiny placed. Performing this would remove the moisture. Now turn the volume level up, this should solve it. Restart phone any try that again.

 3: Toggling between Bluetooth Mode .

 Turn off ‘Bluetooth’ by going into settings >> general >> bluetooth. Move the bluetooth switch to off to avoid the sound from being routed to a Bluetooth headset. Restart the iPhone 5 and see if the HeadPhone Issue is resolved .

5 Ways to fix iPhone 5 Headphone Error
5 Ways to fix iPhone 5 Headphone Error



 4:   Hard Rest Method: to fix HeadPhone Problem on IPhone 5.

Reset your iPhone by pressing the sleep and home buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple logo. The problem will be solved when you have the iPhone reset. Make sure to create a backup for the files and personal data because reset wipes each and everything completely.

5 Ways to fix iPhone 5 Headphone Error




 5 Take it to the nearest Apple Store .

If the previous methods didn’t solved the error, don’t try anything further and take the iPhone to the nearest Apple Store to get the problem diagnosed by the Apples’ technical department.


5 Ways to fix iPhone 5 Headphone Error
5 Ways to fix iPhone 5 Headphone Error
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