5 Top-Notch Apps To Find An iPhone


Are you facing a crisis? A smartphone crisis? Loosing your phone or have it stolen from you is not the best feeling in the world. Most people tend to give up and buy for themselves another phone. That is like flushing $200 – $600 down the drain! But, just because your iPhone is not currently nestled between your fingers, that does not mean that it forever out of reach. If your phone has been stolen from you or you can’t seem to find it anywhere consult the below tips and apps to help you reach out for your device before it is too late.


What is better than tricking the thief? The thief who stole your Apple device that held all your data and private information! That is when you allow GadgetTrak to step in and do its job. GadgetTrak is a web-based service that does its best so as to trick the one who nicked your iPhone to send his/her location record to its servers. Now, wherever the thief may be, your iPhone also will be there…unless he/she has gotten rid of it.


With the information you have received of your iPhone you can log in to any we console so as you can locate your iPhone more minutely via a GPS map or an IP address tracker. Although you should know that the company charges cash for this service on other platforms, it is worth it!

Device Locator

Device Locator does not need you to have a monthly subscription. Instead, it charges US$4.99 and allows you to login to one of your website-based accounts and track down your phone’s location.


You can either cause it to emit a noise, or you can lock it so as to stop the thief from accessing it any further.

Find My iPhone

You might remember this app from our previous article. It is one of the finest and most productive app that helps you track down your iPhone and reunite with it once more. A quick read of the app’s reviews may give you an insight into what you have to do and the possibility ratio of you winning your iPhone back.

An official app straight out of the Apple iCloud service, created mainly to locate your lost phone. You have the option to remotely lock your iPhone and create a password/code for it via this amazing app. There is also another option in which you can wipe your phone from all the data you possibly stored on it. There you go two amazing options for your convenience. And to top it all – this app is totally free!


This app provides for its users a GPS-based locator that tracks all of their lost or stolen iPhones. Also, another feature this app procures is that you have the opportunity to snap a photo of your thief or whoever is currently using/with your iPhone.

Otherwise, if your phone is lost somewhere in your house, you can make it play any tune or sound to perk your ears up. A subscription service is not at all necessary for this app! That means all you have to pay is $1.99.

If Found Lock Screen

If Found does not use the typical technique of accessing GPS so as to track your iPhone. But, instead, this app goes for feelings and honest behavior! How? This app provides you with an option to create a lock screen for your Apple device that reads with a message asking the one who currently uses your iPhone to return your device to its rightful owner.

You can buy the app for $0.99 on your App Store and let’s pray it works.

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